Nov. 19, 2018

Apple released their latest updates to Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor  Thursday last week. I have EIGHT! new articles in this week's issue. That ties a record for an issue...

My lead story is a hands-on review of editing on the new Mac mini, as well as a variety of tutorials on the new features in Final Cut Pro X and first looks at the new Drobo 8D. All in the Articles section, below.

Webinars are taking the week off for Thanksgiving, but will return in TWO weeks with a look at the new features in Final Cut Pro X. This week, though, I have excerpts from our most recent webinar on workflow - you'll find them in the Articles section below. Live webinars are always FREE. Register here.

Drobo announced their fastest storage system ever - I have the details below.

Thinking of new announcements, Dr. Marc Batschkus, from Archiware, wrote to say: "Specifically for single LTO-tape users we just introduced a new more affordable license bundle. It includes P5 Backup AND P5 Archive with full feature set (previews, customizable metadata fields and menus, combined searching). P5 Archive is the mini-MAM Archive that supports production extremely well." Here's the link.

Thinking of archiving, Mike Janowski sent me a link to a blog from Paul Rigby - The Audiophile Man - about the challenges of archiving older media stored on magnetic tape. I remember all this gear and Paul's article is fun to read.

Rollo Wenlock and the team at Wipster announced last week a totally reimagined version of Wipster, for media management. This has always been a cool app - and the new version looks very exciting. Learn more here.

The Digital Production Buzz keeps chugging along. Last week we spent the entire show talking about workflow - software and tips. In fact, I used some of what I learned on the show in the Workflow webinar last Thursday. Listen here.

This Thursday marks Thanksgiving here in the US, a time to reflect on all the things we have to be thankful. I'm grateful that we survived the fires in California, though many other people and houses in our community and state did not. I'm also very grateful to you for your interest in my articles, tutorials and training. You make all the work fun.

I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving, regardless of where in the world you live. And I'll chat with you next Monday. In the meantime, edit well .

Last Week on The Buzz
Just as we can't have "too much" storage, media can't be "too organized." It seems we spend way too much time trying to find that one specific clip we need for our project. Last week, we looked at different ways to manage media - all focused on individual editors and smaller work groups. From better ways to use the Finder to media asset management packages, The Buzz will help you work faster and better.
* Rod Harrison, Drobo
* Robert Krüger, LessPain Software
* David Schleifer, Primestream
* Michael Kammes, KeyCode Media 
* James DeRuvo, 
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Tips to Better Workflow in
Apple Final Cut Pro X
Last week we looked at workflow tips and techniques for Final Cut Pro X.
Topics included:
* Media Management
* File naming
* Timeline efficiency
* Proxy workflows
* Compound clips
* And more...!
Download your copy here.  
New Features in Final Cut Pro X
After the Thanksgiving holiday, our webinar will look at the new features in the latest release of Apple's media software. Topics planned include:
* Workflow Extensions
* Comparison Viewer
* Timecode Window
* Batch sharing/export
* And more... 
Registration is always FREE!
» Hands-on: Video Editing with FCP X on the New Mac mini ( Review)
   » The Mac mini is great for some editing, but not all. Discover what I learned.

» Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor ( News)
   » The latest news on Apple's latest updates.

» Drobo Launches The Fastest Drobo Ever - The 8D ( News)
    » Here are the details of Drobo's latest announcement.

» Final Cut Pro X 10.4.4: The Comparison Viewer ( Tutorial)
    » An illustrated tutorial on this new feature.

» Final Cut Pro X 10.4.4: Floating Timecode Window ( Tutorial)
    » An illustrated tutorial on this new feature.

» Final Cut Pro X 10.4.4: Batch Export / Share ( Tutorial)
    » An illustrated tutorial on this new feature.

» Final Cut Pro X: Using Keywords ( Video Tutorial)
    » Keywords can help you organize even very large projects. Here's how.

» Overview: Kyno - Media Management Software ( Video Tutorial)
    » Kyno is a powerful media tool for both Premiere and Final Cut. Watch.
» Apple Updates
   FCP X & Motion

» Configure a Mac
   Mini for Editing

   The New Font Menu

» EQ: Warm a Voice,
   Improve Clarity

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» Apple Final Cut Pro X:
» 264: Multicam Editing
   in Final Cut Pro X 
» 265: New Features
   in Adobe's Software 
» 260: Media Mgmt.
   in Video Editing 

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» Rod Harrison: Drobo's
   Fastest Storage - 8D 
» Philip Hodgetts: The
   Basics of A.I.  
» Larry O'Connor: Looks
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   Media Handling 
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