NEWS - Nov. 2, 2020
Two significant articles related to improving storage performance this week, along with a product review, news and other tutorials. First, though, a caution.

Sometime later this month, Apple will release macOS 11 - Big Sur. First unveiled at WWDC in June, this will be a major update. I STRONGLY recommend you NOT upgrade any computers that you use for deadline-driven work when this OS is initially released. Apple works hard to make every OS as perfect as possible. But operating systems are vastly complex and errors always appear. My general recommendation is to wait until a .1 release is available before upgrading any essential systems. Here's an article on my philosophy of updating.

On a related note, if you haven't upgraded since macOS Mojave (10.14), Big Sur, like Catalina, may make your older media unplayable. Please read this to make sure you and your media are safe.

In the news this week:

BorisFX released Continuum 2021. The Cinematographer's Toolkit includes 80+ cinematic effects that deliver classic analog filmmaking beauty to your digital world. Particle Illusion, Primatte Studio Edge Cleaner, Title Studio, Mocha AdjustTrack, and far more are all included. Available for purchase or subscription. A free trial is available. released a new extension, this time for DaVinci Resolve. This means you can send clips and receive the transcript as ranged markers, color-coded per speaker and then, when you’ve completed your edit, you can caption timelines and even align translated subtitles. All with a few clicks from Resolve. 

OWC announced the new OWC Envoy Pro Elektron USB-C Bus-Powered SSD. This new pocket-sized SSD drive puts speed, dust and waterproof ruggedness, and universal compatibility in the palm of your hand. Speeds up to 1,000 MB/sec, crushproof, dustproof and waterproof IP-67 rated Works with Macs or PCs up to ten years old. 

Avid is offering a free webinar "Collaboration under one Platform for Post Production" showcasing how to run both Avid and Adobe apps on an integrated platform. Faster workflow, better media management and enabling remote collaboration. Thursday, Nov. 5.

SoundStripe, known for its audio collection, just released a stock video collection. More than 70,000 videos, all in RAW / Log format. Unlimited downloads. Available via subscription or ala carte pricing.

My lead story is a detailed look at the upcoming Thunderbolt 4. Available now for some PCs and coming - at some point - to Macs, this new protocol is both less and more that what we have now. It all depends. To learn more, I had a detailed conversation with Larry O'Connor, founder and CEO of OWC, a leading Thunderbolt developer for both Macs and PCs. Even if you are not an engineer, you'll learn a lot from Larry's comments.

Adobe released new versions of Premiere and After Effects last week, mostly centered on high-end media formats. While significant, there isn't a lot there to demo. Here's the list of new features.

Over the last two weeks, I finished a major upgrade to my network, then worked on improving the performance and stability of my locally-attached RAIDs. Out of that came two articles: A review of DiskWarrior, especially how it improves RAID performance, and a look at the impact of hard disk RPMs and journaling on performance. You'll find both in the Articles section below.

My last article looks at Final Cut Pro X libraries. How they work, how they handle media and what you can do to make them work better for you. This was a fun article to write. It's also in the Articles section, below.

Webinars return this week with "Ask Larry Anything." I always enjoy these sessions because they cover such a wide range of subjects. Please email your questions so I have time to research them. Two presentations - Wednesday at 9 AM and 12 PM. Registration is always free. Bring you questions and curiosity; I look forward to chatting with you on Wednesday.

One last note - if you haven't signed up for you are missing cool techniques and inside secrets. Even better, contribute your own tips - tricks you found that helps you to work faster and better. Every Tip Letter is free, with six different subjects to choose from.

Fall is here, the days are getting shorter and COVID is ramping up around the world. Never has there been a bigger need for storytellers. Stories that entertain, inform, and, ideally, bring us closer together. New forms of distribution appear all the time. But what creates an audience is the quality of the stories we tell. This is the perfect time to experiment with new stories that help make a difference.

Until next Monday, stay healthy, stay hopeful and, edit well.
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Ask Larry Anything
This is one of my favorite sessions; mainly because of the diversity of questions that get asked. Email your questions, then join us on Wednesday, Nov. 4 at either 9 AM or 12 PM.

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