Nov. 20, 2017

Here in the States, this is the weekend before the Thanksgiving holiday. Of all the holidays in the year, this is my favorite, because it reminds me to reflect on all the people and events I'm thankful for. I have a great deal to be thankful for - from family to friends to the fun I have in sharing ideas with you. So, THANK YOU!

One of the very cool things I'm grateful for is the Digital Production Buzz. November marks the anniversary of when I acquired the show from Philip Hodgetts. That was in 2007 - so, this month marks the start of my eleventh year executive producing and hosting the show. (The show itself began in Sept. 2000.)

We organize the show from a master FileMaker database, so I looked up some stats. Since my first show all those many years ago, our team has produced 538 shows, excluding our NAB coverage which added another 120 shows over the years, and interviewed 1,514 guests. We are currently heard in 195 countries around the world every week.

When I took over the show from Philip, I had the great good sense to ask Cirina Catania to produce the show. She did an amazing job for over nine years.  Last year, she left to refocus on her filmmaking and Debbie Price took over the producer's chair. The Buzz would not exist without these two extremely talented women and I am truly, truly grateful.

If you haven't listened to the show recently, we create new content every week - as we've been doing every week for the last ten years. Here's the link. Check out our archives - our online shows go back to 2010, which is pretty darn amazing!

For those wondering, my weekly webinars will resume the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. I'll post subjects and registration in next week's newsletter; I, uh, haven't figured out what I'm covering yet.

Finally, I realized this month that I'm drowning in data which is scattered on hard disks and RAIDs located in just about every room. This caused me to take a very hard look at how I'm managing my files and media, plus all the gear I use for storage. This week, my lead story is a result of all this thinking. Yes, new computers are great but, unless we think through our storage, nothing is going to work right. Here's the link.

After writing that article, I noticed a small menu in Final Cut Pro X that I hadn't really noticed before. This little do-thingy allows us to store and track custom effects stored in the Library, rather than in our Home Directory. If you need to share Libraries, my second article has an interesting new technique for you.  Plus, I have two new articles from my friends at

All-in-all, some interesting ideas for us to think about. Have a great holiday - and, if you aren't celebrating Thanksgiving this week, it never hurts to reflect on those people and things we are grateful for. I look forward to chatting with you next week, in the meantime, edit well!

Last Week On The Buzz!
I didn't expect to talk about AI and media asset management, but that's what happened. We invited several key regulars to share their perspective on recent industry news, which then evolved into an in-depth look at the impact of machine learning on editing. Then a discussion on why editors hate using media asset management software, yet how machine learning can make that process easier.

 * Jonathan Handel, "The Hollywood Reporter"
 * Philip Hodgetts
, Lumberjack System
 * Randi Altman
, PostPerspective
 * Michael Kammes
, KeyCode Media
 * Sam Bogotch
, Axle Video
 * James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS

Jonathan shared his legal insights on the exploding Weinstein scandal. Then, Philip, Randi, Michael and Sam all looked at the impact machine learning is having on editorial jobs, yet how it can help by automatically logging and finding our media. As always James presented the latest industry news.
Listen or read each full episode here.

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