NEWS - Nov. 23, 2020
This week marks Thanksgiving week here in the US. A time to be grateful for what we have. And, this year, I am grateful we are all still here. That is not an easy thing these days. Happy Thanksgiving!

My lead story looks at the new M1 chip from Apple from a media creator's point of view. I also have lots of highlights from last week's webinar.

One of the big challenges facing all of us as Apple moves from Mojave to Catalina and, ultimately, Big Sur, is that older codecs no longer work. If you haven't upgraded this isn't a big deal. But if you HAVE, you could be out of luck. EXCEPT that I found a way to convert older codecs to new ones, even if the operating system can't play them anymore. Bookmark this, even if you don't need it now, one of your friends will. Here's how to recover legacy media.

In the news, Anton/Bauer announced the largest ever expansion to its range of powerful compact batteries with the introduction of Titan SL, Titon Base, Titon Micro and GO 90. These include smaller and slimmer batteries ideal for monitors, follow focus and on-camera lighting as well as pure power batteries designed for high-performance cine lights and specialist cameras.

Luxli introduced the Luxli Fiddle, a rugged, lightweight, and self-contained light. It's custom RGBAW LEDs deliver consistent output with precision and rich color saturation, regardless of color temperature or color setting. The Fiddle offers a color temperature range of 2800 to 10,000K in CCT mode.

OWC announced Mac compatibility and certification of its new OWC Thunderbolt Hub. Previously certified for ThunderboltTM 4 PCs, the OWC Thunderbolt Hub is now available for new M1 Macs and all Thunderbolt 3 equipped Macs once upgraded to the new Apple MacOS 11 'Big Sur'. To me, this is actually a big deal. Here's my article about it

In other news, I learned that Adobe has quietly transitioned into releasing new updates every month. The latest was last week, bringing a new feature - Quick Export - to Premiere, plus showcasing two new features in their beta program. I provide all the details in this week's Inside Tips for Premiere, which releases every Tuesday morning.
As I mentioned earlier, my lead story looks at the new M1 chip from Apple; the first iteration of the transition to Apple silicon that was introduced by Apple last June. There's a lot here for media creators to think about, but the key question is: What do we buy? I answer that, and other questions, here.

Along those same lines, the folks at KitPlus interviewed me on KitPlus TV about the new M1. KitPlus, based in London, is a global online portal for pro video and broadcast news, kit reviews, articles, video resources and marketplace for advertising equipment for sale. The interview is posted to YouTube.

Last week's webinar - Media Compression for Apple Compressor - was an in-depth look at the entire application, including a tour of features like job chaining, HEVC compression and watermarking that you may not have explored. It's posted to our store and Video Training Library. 

This Wednesday's webinar is similar: Media Compression with Adobe Media Encoder. Starting with explaining the fundamentals of compression, I cover compression techniques, along with special features that you may not know about. As with all my live webinars, registration is free.

In other articles, I learned that Apple is using new chips to speed video compression, that Apple also updated their Pro Video codecs, as well as Final Cut Pro, last week, and several highlights from last week's webinar. You'll find all of these in the Articles section below.

The weather is turning colder, the holidays are approaching and more of us are getting sick. Please take care of yourself and stay safe. We've come this far, we can last a little longer.

Until next Monday, stay warm, stay safe and stay hopeful. And edit well.
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» Apple's M1 chip has incredible reviews. What should media creators do?

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» Older media codecs are no longer supported. Kyno brings them back.

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» Add more Thunderbolt ports without buying a new computer.

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» The free update is for all Mac-based video editors.

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» New chips support faster hardware acceleration for compression.

» Create a Custom Compression Setting for FCP X (Video Tutorial)
» Video demo shows how to use Compressor with Final Cut.

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» Quickly reframe existing movies without using Final Cut.

» Use Compressor to Add Still or Moving Watermarks (Video Tutorial)
» Watermarks support branding - here's how to make them move.

» Save Time Using Job Chaining in Apple Compressor (Video Tutorial)
» Job chaining saves time for complex compression tasks. Here's how.
Media Compression Using Adobe Media Encoder
This week, Larry Jordan explores what AME can do!
This session covers:
* Compression terms and concepts
* The AME interface
* Working with presets
* Create custom settings
* Automation and special effects
Media Compression Using Apple Compressor

* Compression terms and concepts
* The Compressor interface
* Basic compression techniques and settings
* Automate compression using droplets
* Special features: Watermarks, Job Chaining and more!

Everything you need to know - all in one place!
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