NEWS - Nov. 30, 2020
Eight different tutorials this week... plus the news.

But first, a caution. If you haven't upgraded to Big Sur yet, I recommend you wait a bit longer. The reports I'm getting are that a variety of tools and extensions are not yet ready for the new operating system. If you've upgraded and everything works - great. But, if not, be patient and give this new and major operating system upgrade a bit longer to settle down.

It was Thanksgiving week in the US last week - so not a lot is happening. However, there are a few items of interest.

Hollywood-based Color Intelligence released Colourlab AI to the public last week. Colourlab Ai uses advanced AI models trained specifically for cinematic content to automatically color match footage and suggest variations from a user graded reference clip. It can even use a reference still from any source image. This enables creators to instantly match shots across an edited timeline or hours of unedited dailies in just seconds or minutes. Colourlab Ai is tightly integrated with the world's most popular color corrector DaVinci Resolve and applications like Adobe Premiere, Avid, Baselight and Final Cut Pro. 

Foundry is sponsoring a free event this Wednesday: "VFX in 2021: What Works, Who Works & What's Changing Forever." Featured speakers include: Angus Kneale, Mathieu Mazerolle, James Rogers, Erik Windquist, Kathleen Maher and Dr. Jon Peddie. Registration is free.

I've sketched out my next three webinars: Effects in Final Cut Pro X (12/2), Effects in Premiere (12/9) and Ask Larry Anything (12/16). The webinar this week marks my 300th webinar, which just amazes me! Links to all three presentations are on my webinar registration page.

Last week's webinar on Media Compression in Adobe Media Encoder spawned a variety of video tutorials that I'm sharing this week, along with two articles that both began with: "Hmm. I wonder what happens if...?" My lead story on cascading Watch Folders in Adobe Media Encoder made me laugh out loud the first time I got it to work. This is very, very cool stuff.

Another very interesting feature is Adobe Media Encoder's ability to combine multiple movies into one during the compression process. This is a great way to quickly add an opening ad or production logo to a movie without re-editing. You'll want to see this.

Other tutorials include creating custom overlays for Final Cut which help with reframing, creating cast shadows in Motion and parallel encoding in Adobe Media Encoder. Each of these showcases interesting uses of technology and are well-worth watching. The video tutorials, as well, are all about three minutes and illustrate aspects of Adobe Media Encoder that you may not know exist.

Well, we are officially moving into the "Holiday Season," though, these days, there doesn't seem to be lot to celebrate. Personally, I'm grateful we are all still here and moving forward. That means a lot just in itself. The key is not to give up. We are needed more than ever - for our skills and the stories we can tell.

Until next Monday, stay safe, stay healthy and stay hopeful. Edit well.
» Automate Adobe Media Encoder Using Watch Folders (Tutorial)
» This introduction to Watch Folders sets up the next story.

» Use Nesting to Add Flexibility to AME Watch Folders (Tutorial)
» Watch Folders are fast & automatic. Cascading makes them powerful.

» Stitch Multiple Clips Into One Using Adobe Media Encoder (Tutorial)
» Here's how to combine multiple clips into one during compression.

» Use Custom Overlays for Re-framing in Final Cut Pro X (Tutorial)
» These visual guides help figure out how best to reframe your media.

» Crop & Reframe Video Using Adobe Media Encoder (Tutorial)
» This shows how to create a short test movie, plus reframe existing media.

» Create a Cast Shadow in Motion (Tutorial)
» This is a fun exercise and worth reading - even if you don't use Motion.

» Add Watermarks or Timecode to Video Using AME (Tutorial)
» Watermarks, names & timecode can all be burned in during compression.

» Use Parallel Encoding to Compress Media Faster in AME (Tutorial)
» This feature is why AME compresses faster than most other software.
Effects Overview in Apple Final Cut Pro X
This week, Larry Jordan explores the effects capability of Apple Final Cut Pro X. This session includes:
  • Generators
  • Speed and retiming
  • Inspector effects
  • Effects Browser effects
  • And more...!
Media Compression Using Adobe Media Encoder

* Compression terms and concepts
* The AME interface
* Basic compression techniques and settings
* Automate compression using watch folders
* Special features: Watermarks, overlays and more!

Everything you need to know - all in one place!
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