NEWS - Oct. 12, 2020
I'm extremely proud of this week's issue - FIVE significant, in-depth tutorials! You'll learn a lot from reading these. Here's the list:

At the top of the news, Apple won an Engineering Emmy for Technical Achievement for its ProRes family of codecs. "Introduced in 2007, Apple ProRes has become a ubiquitous video codec in the film and television industry. It offers excellent preservation of source video quality and, thanks to innovative algorithm design, fast encoding and ultra-fast decoding. These two properties—combined with Apple's industry licensing and certification support—make ProRes among the most widely used codecs for end-to-end content-creation workflows." (Television Academy)

Elisa Diego wrote recently to tell me about an article Broadband Search did looking at "The Best Internet Video Call Solutions for 2020." "Before 2020, video calling was more of a convenience than a necessity.... Today, it has become a technology upon which most of us depend." It is an interesting article. is cloud-based Digital Asset Management software. It handles storage, processing and delivery of images, videos & rich-media files for modern web apps. With it's URL-based API, you can resize, format, transform, watermark your media files and more. Recently, they released an article explains HLS Streaming, a necessary codec for mobile media. This is a good backgrounder.

Webinars return this week with a look at multicam editing in Final Cut Pro X. (Next week, I'll cover multicam editing in Premiere Pro.) The session starts with the basics, then into editing, working with audio and special multicam tricks and techniques. As with all my webinars, live events are FREE! Sign up here - and see you Wednesday!

I split my time last week, wading through media archives and improving my network and server. Out of that work came several in-depth articles. Early in the week, I was trying to get caught up on decades of scanning and storing images and video without any regard to actually finding stuff later. Well, later just arrived. Whew... WHAT a mess! I discovered I had files I couldn't open. So, my lead story covers the software and techniques I use to recover files that just won't open, including PICT and PhotoCD images.

After discovering that I had more than 100,000 images running amok, I turned toward a more cheerful task: speeding my server and network. I was concentrating on how to improve them for video editing. That resulted in three significant articles this week. Even if you don't need to learn about networking, these articles are worth reading simply for the background information they provide. You'll find them in the Articles section, below.

Here's a quick reminder to sign up for your FREE Tip Letters from Each week, tips covering your favorite software magically appear in your mailbox. These are fun to write and there is almost no duplication between the Tips and this newsletter, just in case you were wondering.

These days good news is thin on the ground. It is easy to feel both helpless and overwhelmed. I'm reminded of an adage I use every time I start to write a new book: "I can't finish what I don't start." The tasks in front of us are huge, so much so that it often feels better just to avoid them. Instead, use this time to focus on where you want to be in a year. Then, difficult though it may be, take the first step. Once you start moving, momentum will help carry you along. 

On many projects, I find it easier to focus on the next step than the overwhelming nature of everything that needs to get done to get a project released. 

In the meantime, stay safe and stay hopeful. Until next Monday, edit well.
» The Software I Use to Repair Image and Video Files (Tutorial)
» Organize, repair and preserve PICT, Photo CD & old media codecs.

» Pros & Cons of Internal, External and Network Storage (Tutorial)
» Here's an overview, along with recommendations, on which to use.

» When Does 10 Gb Ethernet Make Sense for Video Editing (Tutorial)
» Network fundamentals, plus how to connect and optimize 10G Ethernet

» Improve the Responsiveness of a Server (Tutorial)
» This is marketed for databases, but it really helps media creators.

» NewBlueFX Releases NewBlue Stream (News & Interview)
» An interview with Todor Fay, CEO, NewBlueFX
Multicam Editing in Apple Final Cut Pro X

* Get organized
* Build and adjust a multicam clip
* Edit multicam clips
* Working with audio
* Special multicam technques

Everything you need to know - all in one place!
An Overview of Adobe Audition

Whether you use Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X for your edit, you can clean, edit and mix your audio faster and better in Adobe Audition.

* Transfer - Edit - Mix - then send back for output.

Important techniques - even for experienced editors!
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