Oct. 15, 2018

It is good to be back.

Lots of interesting things for you this week: articles on security, animation, client relations, storage and Windows. Cool stuff. Plus, new webinars and new shows on The Buzz.

Let's start with ... webinars. Webinars return this week by looking at multicam editing in Final Cut Pro X. Multicam shooting is becoming ever more common as cameras get smaller, cheaper and remote controlled; which makes adding more cameras to a live event much easier than ever. In this week's session - which is on Thursday - I'll show how to set up, edit and modify a multicam edit in Final Cut.

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The Digital Production Buzz continues on a roll. Two weeks ago, we looked at the world of stunts. How they work, who creates them and what it's like to perform them. This was the first time we covered this subject and it was FASCINATING! We talked with four professional stunt people about how they got into the industry, how they setup a stunt and what it's like to crash a car at 100 miles per hour! Listen to the show here.

Then, last week, we revisited drones. Nothing has revolutionized filming quite like drones. They enable us to get shots that were often impossible before, even with helicopters. We talked with drone manufacturers, pilots, trainers and stock footage companies about how to pick the right drone, safe shooting techniques, and how to find the best drone footage for your projects. Listen to that show here.

This week, on The Buzz, we go behind-the-scenes and look at the business of running a creative company. It has never been harder to earn a living than right now. Budgets continue to shrink, the competition continues to grow, and it seems like creativity, by itself, just isn't enough. Join us for an in-depth conversation about the business of our business. Thursday at 6 PM. Here's the link.

When it comes to articles this week, my lead story wasn't written by me. I was talking last week to Pierson Clair, who also teaches at USC, about the challenges of network and computer security to small companies and individuals. (Pierson is a high-profile computer security analyst who generally works with enterprises.) Filmmakers generally don't have the resources to properly protect their systems, yet have extremely valuable assets to protect.  As we talked, Pierson shared a blog about what Mac users need to know to tighten their computer security. It's my lead story below.

The folks at Frame.io publish a periodic blog on relevant issues related to film-making. Recently, David Kong wrote an article on using ProRes on Windows and reasons not to use it. Since Windows is not something I work with very often, I wanted to share his thoughts with you as well. Again, it's in Articles, below.

However, I am not letting others do all the work. I have three new articles for you: one on creating curved motion paths in Final Cut, another on an upcoming storage conference and the third is a blog on how the importance of really understanding your clients.  You'll find everything in Articles below.

Also, thanks for your interest in my free Dance Handbook, I was delighted to distribute almost two thousand copies in September. I'm looking forward to watching the results from this book long into the future.

That's it for this week. See you at Thursday's webinar and chat with you next Monday. In the meantime, edit well .

Two Weeks Ago on The Buzz
We covered the world of stunts, talking with stunt professionals: 
* Melissa Stubbs
* Jack Gill
* Georgia Durante
* Buddy Joe
Last Week on The Buzz
We looked at drones, talking with:
* Patrick Santucci, DJI
* Cary Acey, Zephyr Sim
* Brian Streem, Aerobo
* Jason Teichman, Pond5 
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Listen to the Stunt show here.
Listen to the Drone show here.
Cool Adobe Photoshop Tools to
Improve Still Images
Whether you use Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut, still images are at the heart of many videos, especially documentaries. But, what do you do if the images you are working with don't look that good? This can help.

* Crop and straighten images
* Use masks for selective repairs
* Exposure and color controls
* Cloning and healing
* Tools to repair images 
Download your copy here.  
Multicam Editing in
Apple Final Cut Pro X
Multicam shooting records an event using multiple cameras. Multicam editing allows us to see all those images at the same time as we edit the show. This session covers:
* Multicam basics
* File organization and import
* Multicam clip metadata
* Build, sync and modify a multicam
* Integrate double-system sound
* Edit and trim a multicam clip
* Special multicam techniques
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Sign-up here.
» Why ProRes on Windows is Still Not a Good Option for Editors (Guest Blog)
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» Hardening MacOS (Guest Blog)
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» Real-World Project Killers ( Business Commentary)
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   » This storage-centric conference - a must-attend for system admins and geeks.

 » Final Cut Pro X: Throw Your Animation A Curve ( Tutorial)
   » An illustrated tutorial on how to create animated motion paths with curves.
» EQ: Warm a Voice,
   Improve Clarity

   The New Font Menu

» Premiere Pro: Use
   Two Monitors 
» FCP X: Create an
   Adjustment Layer 

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» Apple Final Cut Pro X:
» 263: Photoshop Tools
   to Improve Images
» 262: Workflow: FCP X
   to Audition  

» 261: Color Correction
   and Grading in FCP X

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