Oct. 16, 2017

One of the benefits to machine learning is the ability of Cloud-based servers to do tasks that exceed what we can do on our desktops. An example of this is automated text transcripts. Over the last few weeks, I've interviewed Philip Hodgetts, Jim Tierney and, last week, Martin Baker - all of whom have created applications that automate transcription.

This week, I have a review of SpeedScriber. Developed by Martin Baker and the team at Digital Heaven, it is a stand-alone Mac app that also integrates with all the leading video editing systems.  In my review, I include a link to Martin's Buzz interview which provides a better sense of why they developed this. It's my lead story this week.

My webinar last week looked at the power and emotions of fonts, as well as a lot of interesting background about typefaces. It was a fun session - and well worth watching; either as a download or as part of our Video Training Library. You can see an excerpt in my Articles section, below.

This week, webinars are taking a break while I work on some new projects.

However, the Digital Production Buzz continues as ever. Last week, we looked at new trends and technology from Litepanels, Glyph, JVC and Digital Heaven. Then, Michael Kammes shared his thoughts on new trends that we need to watch in the coming year. It was a good show with some really interesting guests. Here's the link.

I really enjoy doing The Buzz every week. We chat with great guests, discover new products and track the latest technology. If you haven't had a chance to tune in recently, this is a great time to catch up.

Well, deadlines are pressing and student projects are piling up. I need to get back to work. I'll chat with you again next week. Until then, edit well!

Last Week On The Buzz!
We discover several new and emerging technologies and talk to the companies who are evolving their products to keep pace.

  * Pat Grosswendt - Litepanels
  * Dave Walton - JVC
  * Wayne Read - Glyph
  * Martin Baker - Digital Heaven
  * Michael Kammes -
         KeyCode Media
  * James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS

Pat showcased the latest lighting gear, while Wayne discussed new portable storage. Dave talked about the impact smartphones have on video cameras, Martin presented SpeedScriber and Michael shared his thoughts on storage and collaboration. Finally, James discussed the latest industry news from the last week.  
Listen or read each full episode here.

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Discover the Power in Fonts
Our goal is to tell stories - and the best stories touch our emotions. However, all too often, we overlook a powerful tool that can influence our emotions: fonts.
This session covers:
* Basic font terms
* Font examples
* Examples of bad typography
* Common font traps
* Demo good and bad font usage
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Webinars are taking a short break.
Larry is working through some deadlines this week, so webinars are taking a break.
This is a perfect time to visit our store, or our Video Training Library and discover some of our existing titles that you haven't had the time to watch yet.
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