NEWS - Oct. 19, 2020
Two product reviews, three tutorials and a commentary this week. First, though, the news:

You may have missed it, but Apple announced new iPhones this week, including two high-end models with enhanced cameras. The images are stunning, the camera controls are less so. Still, once these new units start shipping, there's no question they'll be used for professional work. launched a new version that tightly integrates with Premiere, Photo-shop, After Effects, In Design and Illustrator. As well, the new Premiere panel displays transcripts on the timeline with the ability to download high-res and proxy media straight into Premiere. Here's the press release.

Amanda Baker, with LEDLightingSupply, writes: "My company has just published a guide called 'Color Rendering Index Explained.' I’d really appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes and check out our guide." I did and I found it both well-written and interesting. If working with lighting instruments is in your future, knowledge of the color technology behind LEDs will be helpful.

After reading my article on "The Software I Use to Repair Image and Video Files," reader Alexis May flagged ImageRanger to my attention. While I have not used it, it looks interesting with a focus on privacy, fast browsing, and file sorting. Pricing ranges (pun intended) from $39 to $79, depending upon configuration. 

This week, I have two product reviews: Mercury Pro LTO, from OWC, and Audio Design Desk, from Audio Design Desk LLC. We are all struggling to stay on top of the vast amount of storage today's digital media requires. OWC has found a way to harness LTO technology for less money and make it Mac-compatible. 

Once a project is complete from a picture perspective, we still need to make it sound compelling. That's where Audio Design Desk fits in: high-speed, high-quality sound design with an intimidating interface. You'll find both reviews in the Articles section, below.

Plus, Andy Marken contributes a commentary on the power and impact of streaming media and the impact it is having on theatrical film release.

My three video tutorials are excerpts from last week's "Multicam Editing in Apple Final Cut Pro X" webinar. This was fun to present, with lots of interest and great questions. Purchase a copy and get up to speed on this technology in an hour.

Next Wednesday's webinar presents multicam editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. From import through editing to export, this session will show you everything you need to know to successfully edit a multi-camera shoot. PLUS! All my live webinars are FREE! Sign up here.

If your email in-box is like mine, you've probably noticed that we have an election coming up here in the US. The only way things change is by voting - this is not a time to sit on the sidelines. You can, of course, not vote. But that didn't work out too well the last time.

In the meantime, stay safe and stay hopeful. Until next Monday, edit well.
» FCP X: Create a Still/Video Montage Using Multicam (Video Tutorial)
» Learn how to create montages using multicam techniques.

» Product Review: OWC Mercury Pro LTO (Review)
» A well-constructed, high-speed & easy-to-use Thunderbolt archive system.

» First Look: Audio Design Desk (Review)
» An amazing sound design program with a hard-to-learn interface.

» FCP X: How to Use Proxies for Multicam Editing (Video Tutorial)
» Learn why and how proxies can make multicam editing a LOT easier.

» FCP X: Use Multi-Channel Audio in a Multicam Clip (Video Tutorial)
» See how to work with multi-channel audio in a multicam edit.

» Choosing Between Streaming vs. Theaters is Fading (Commentary)
» Andy Marken writes: The "new normal" tests traditional theatrical distribution.
Multicam Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

* Get organized
* Build and adjust a multicam clip
* Edit multicam clips
* Working with audio
* Special multicam technques

Everything you need to know - all in one place!
Multicam Editing in Apple Final Cut Pro X

* Get organized
* Build and adjust a multicam clip
* Edit multicam clips
* Working with audio
* Special multicam technques

Everything you need to know - all in one place!
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