Oct. 2, 2017

I installed High Sierra on one of my computers over the weekend. While the upgrade process was reasonably straight-forward, though long - taking a couple of hours to download and install - there were enough issues with compatibility that I am not comfortable recommending the upgrade to all of us quite yet.

However, since this changes on a daily basis, it isn't worth writing as an article, which stay around for years; instead, I wanted to share what I've learned so far.

After upgrading, I needed to upgrade my RAID drivers, ScreenFlow, and Snapz, to the latest versions. There are still reports that Adobe Illustrator and In Design are not compatible with the new Apple File System ( APFS), as well as APFS causing problems with a wide variety of games. I expect all of these to get fixed fairly quickly, but they are not fixed yet.

Upon running Final Cut Pro X, I discovered strange screen drawing issues where audio waveforms were not in sync with video and the primary storyline would not display in a project. Both of these seemed to be fixed by doing a Safe Boot then using Disk Utility to repair the boot drive.

Given what I'm reading, if you don't need to upgrade immediately, you might want to wait until the 10.13.1 update. In all cases, make sure the software you need is certified to run on High Sierra and upgrade your software BEFORE you update the operating system. Roaring Apps, a crowd-sourced website, tracks what works and what doesn't.

Also, there was an article this week from Duo Security alerting us to a situation where the EFI (firmware) on our Mac systems is often out of date. ( Here's the article.) Apple does not make checking the EFI version easy, nor does it publish which version is current. However, according to an article in The Eclectic Light Company, High Sierra automatically checks for out-of-date firmware and updates it as necessary. Read their blog here. I don't think this is an immediate crisis, but you need to be aware of this.

Changing subjects, probably my most favorite lecture is " How to Get a Job." First, because  I wish I'd understood this when I was younger and, second, because it's just plain fun to present. Last week's webinar was exactly that: "How to Find, Get and Keep a Job - and a Client." Whether you've been in the job market for a while, or know someone just starting out, this session has a lot of insights you can use the next time you look for work; either full-time or free-lance. Here's link to the video.

In fact, my lead story this week is an excerpt from the webinar, sharing one of the four major insights in my presentation. Here's the link.

In other articles, I have a First Look at some amazing color grading software for still images: 3D LUT Creator, and " 3 Hidden Shortcuts" in Premiere Pro CC.

For the next two weeks, our webinars focus on Photoshop. This week, we look at how to repair images, and next week, we look at how to harness the emotions in our fonts. Both presentations are on Wednesday at 9 AM, both are FREE and you can sign up here.

Don't forget the Digital Production Buzz. Last week was our last look at new products showcased at IBC 2017, featuring news from DoP Choice, Lumberjack System, Multicam Systems, and ProMax; plus Terry Hope reporting from IBC and James DeRuvo reporting from GoPro's launch event. Listen here.

Fall is getting into full swing, with lots of exciting products and industry news on the horizon. As always, I'll keep you informed. In the meantime, edit well!

Last Week On The Buzz!
This was our final report from IBC, along with exciting new products from Lumberjack System, Multicam Systems, DoP Choice and ProMax. Plus, James DeRuvo has a special report from San Francisco on GoPro's latest cameras.

  * Terry Hope - Pro MovieMaker
  * Philip Hodgetts -
     Lumberjack System
  * Paul Stewart
- Multicam Systems
  * Stefan Karle
- DoP Choice
  * Jess Hartmann
- ProMAX
  * James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS

Terry presented new storage products at IBC, while James reported live from GoPro's launch event in San Francisco. Philip showcased Builder, editing from transcripts, Paul explained their automated system for visual radio, Stefan highlighted new lighting control products and Jess introduced lower-cost shared storage. 
Listen or read each full episode here.

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