Oct. 23, 2017

I have a nice story to start our week. Yesterday, Joe V. was doing a volunteer multicam shoot about the canonization of a saint at his church when he discovered that his SD card corrupted - AFTER recording an irreplaceable 60 minute service. After the requisite amount of sheer panic, a small slip of paper fell out of the box that held the SD card. It recommended using " RescuePro Deluxe" to recover lost SanDisk files. Joe used it and it worked perfectly. Guardian angels exist. Joe emailed me and I want to share it with you. Keep this handy if you use SD cards.

LOTS of good stuff this week. As you know, Adobe just released updates to all their software. So, this week, I look at three different features: Shared Projects, HEVC encoding and the new Fonts menu ... um, because I really like fonts.

Shared Projects are exciting - HOWEVER, there is a built-in GOTCHA that will cause you major problems when you use this feature. Be sure to read my article to learn how to avoid it. The good news is that, once you know how this works, you'll be surprised how often you use it.

HEVC is finally mainstream! The macOS supports it, as does Adobe Media Encoder and other applications. This week, I compare the workflow between H.264 and HEVC (also called "H.265"). You'll be interested in the results - and my recommendations.

Finally, the Fonts menu is just cool. Please read this article so you don't hurt its feelings. It doesn't want to be left out.

My webinar this week highlights some of the new features in Adobe's latest releases. Registration is FREE - sign-up here. This will cover several of the online features not discussed in my recent training.

And, thinking of new features, I've created extended video tutorials on most of the new features in Adobe software - more than two hours - much more than I can cover in a webinar! Including an in-depth look at Team Projects in Adobe Premiere. Available in my store or Video Training Library. Download these today and get started on the right foot with this new software.

The Digital Production Buzz split in two last week: breaking news from Adobe, NAB NY, and the burgeoning Harvey Weinstein scandal. Then, we took a break and talked with two popular travel bloggers and video producers. It was a fascinating show - and the "war stories" the two travel experts told were amazing. Be sure to listen here.

Last week was exciting - I'll have more on the new Adobe software in coming weeks. For now, though, I need to get back to editing. Until next week, edit well!

Last Week On The Buzz!
Tonight, we have breaking news from Adobe, NAB in New York, and the Weinstein scandal, plus an in-depth look at travel bloggers.

  * Bill Roberts, Adobe Systems
  * Ned Soltz, RedShark News
  * Jonathan Handel, THR
  * Paul Lasley, OnTravel Media
  * JJ Kelley, National Geographic
  * James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS

Bill presented all the new media titles from Adobe, while Ned covered news and announcements from NAB New York. Jonathan looked at the major fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Then, Paul and JJ talked about travel, travel blogging and shooting video from remote locations. Finally, James discussed the latest industry news from the last week.  
Listen or read each full episode here.

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New Features in
Adobe Media Software
Last week, Adobe released updates to all their software. This week, Larry Jordan takes a look at some of the key highlights and shows you how they work.
Adobe Premiere Pro
- New motion graphic templates
- Responsive graphics design
- Multiple open projects
- Shared vs. Team projects
- Animated GIFs
- New preference settings

Adobe Media Encoder
- HEVC encoding

Adobe Audition
- Auto-ducking of music cues

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» Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018): The New Font Menu (Tutorial) 
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