NEWS - Oct. 26, 2020
I've spent the week upgrading my server and network to 10G. What a laborious process that was! There were the usual bumps in the road, which I'll tell you about later, but, as of about ten minutes ago, I've doubled my server capacity and increased bandwidth by more than 5X! More details on this in a bit.

First, though, the news.

Adobe released updates to a wide variety of its software last week at Adobe MAX. While the main focus was on Photoshop and a variety of web apps, Premiere got some goodies as well. Here are two links to learn more.

Premiere update: Larry's Summary

One of the highlights of Adobe MAX are "Sneaks" - technology previews of potential new features. While many of these provide disturbing looks at how machine learning can alter reality, some of very intriguing. Here's Adobe's blog showcasing what's new.

Re:Vision Effects wins an Engineering Emmy! The Television Academy awarded seven technical Emmy's this year. I mentioned last week that Apple got one for ProRes. What I forgot to mention was that Re:Vision Effects received one for their work on optical flow, time-stretching video post-production tools. This is very cool. 

Two weeks ago, I mentioned that The TOLIS Group closed its doors. This week, Marc Batschkus, Director of Business Development & Marketing for Archiware, contacted me about a new offer that Archiware is offering: a 50% discount and cross-grade for all existing BRU customers. 

Glowing reviews continue to roll in for my latest book: "Techniques of Visual Persuasion." I'm deeply touched by how valuable many readers have found this book. Take a look at the reviews on Amazon and ask yourself if this book can be helpful to you. i know you'll enjoy it.

Last week's webinar on Multicam Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro was great fun to present. The last time I covered this was three years ago and there are lot of interesting changes in Premiere since then. You can get a copy in my store or as a member of my Video Training Library. 

This week, I was planning to cover the new features in Premiere, released at Adobe MAX. However, while the new features are especially useful for high-end HDR video, there isn't enough there for a webinar. This article covers the highlights. So, webinars are taking this week off and will be back on Nov. 4 with something new to talk about.

Thinking of new, last week, one of my articles discussed whether 10G Ethernet made sense for video editing. While this report took a long time to write, I didn't get it right. So, this week, I added more gear and spent more time testing. The story is totally revised with more product reviews, performance specs and a look at the benefits and weakness of 10G Ethernet for video editing. This covers from gear to configuration to final results. If you are looking for ways to boost your network performance, this article will be a big help. 

Other tutorials include a variety of multicam tutorials for Premiere, a review of the OWC Thunderbolt 3 10G Ethernet Adapter, new features in Adobe Premiere released at Adobe MAX, and a commentary on "The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good."

Fall is upon us. Next weekend brings an end to daylight savings time in the US, and, along with the cooler weather, a greater risk of getting sick. Sigh... Fall colors and falling ill. Doesn't seem like the right balance somehow. Still, our job is to keep moving forward even if some days seem harder than others.

Stay healthy, stay hopeful and, until next Monday, edit well.
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