NEWS - Oct. 5, 2020
Five new tutorials this week but, first, the news.

Avid published a series of interviews taking a look at how editors are feeling about the prospect of returning to the facility full-time versus continuing at home, and whether this represents an opportunity to reset some aspects of the industry that weren’t working for everybody.

Thinking of collaboration, KeyCode Media announced a live event: "Collaborate Better! Sharing Avid, Adobe, Autodesk, Resolve Projects Across the Team." In this free episode of Broadcast2Post, they’re diving deep into best practices for enhancing collaboration and sharing using the most popular creative video tools in a cohesive workflow. Live: Thursday 10/8 10AM PDT.

Accusonus, maker of high-quality audio tools, announced ERA 5, the fastest audio clean-up solution for video and audio creators. Version 5 adds several new plugins to enhance and repair low-quality audio, and adds improvements to all ERA plugins. Accusonus’ audio clean-up solutions appeal to both professional editors and creators that are just starting out. As well, they now offer their tools via subscription. Free trials available.

In sadder news, The TOLIS Group, which made excellent tape backup hardware and software, closed its doors Aug. 28. In business for more than 20 years, the current pandemic proved too much for the company to overcome. I will miss working with them - they were, and are, good folks.

Maxim Jago reviewed my book wrote: "This is an absolutely phenomenal book, packed with gold for anyone interested to learn about visual persuasion in the modern era." Also, my book was the top-selling book across all InformIT websites during September; competing with many other Pearson titles. I am delighted with the response it is generating. If you haven't purchased your copy yet, please visit your favorite bookseller. It will be a worthwhile addition to your library.

Webinars are taking this week off. I have a number of projects to research that I will write about next week - including several new product reviews!

Last week's webinar, on Adobe Audition, will be highly useful for both Premiere and Final Cut editors. Far too many editors consider audio to be a dark art; which is a serious mistake. NOTHING we do to our images is as important as creating good audio. Even better, creating good audio is far cheaper than creating stunning images. This session walks you through everything you need to know to move projects from Final Cut or Premiere, edit and mix them in Audition, then bring them back for final output. 

I have five new tutorials this week, including excerpts from last week's webinar. I'm seeing more emails from people who are new to video editing and don't understand how the codec they use affects file size. A typical email starts: "My ten minute movie is 9 GB in size!!! How do I post it to YouTube?" I've talked a lot about the "Three Codec Workflow" in my webinars, so, this week, I decided to write about it.

Other tutorials look at a variety of techniques we can use to improve our audio. I've also included a caution on when to update to Big Sur. It NEVER hurts to wait a bit before upgrading to a major new version of the macOS. You'll find all of these in the Articles section, below.

These days, there's a lot more shouting than listening going on. Even so, there's still a desperate need for good communicators. Whenever people want to know what's going on, they turn to video first. That's our opportunity. Our challenge is to find the most effective ways for people to see the specific stories we have to tell. 

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay hopeful. Until next Monday, edit well.
» Help! My Video File is Too Big for Social Media! (Tutorial)
» Here's an explanation of file sizes, codecs and workflow for beginners.

» Fix Pops, Clicks and Plosives Using Adobe Audition (Video Tutorial)
» See how to fix a popped “P” and other weird pops and clicks.

» Move a Project from Final Cut to Audition & Back (Video Tutorial)
» Move a project from FCP X to Audition to mix, then back for final output.

» Move a Sequence from Premiere to Audition & Back (Video Tutorial)
» Move a project from Premiere to Audition to mix, then back for final output.

» How to Use Auto-ducking to Improve Dialog & Music (Video Tutorial)
» Use auto-ducking, or a channel EQ, to improve dialog clarity.

» Larry's Philosophy on When to Upgrade the macOS (Commentary)
» Never upgrade when a new OS is released. Wait a bit. Here's why.
Webinars are taking a week off.

Back Wednesday, Oct. 14.

See you then!
An Overview of Adobe Audition

Whether you use Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X for your edit, you can clean, edit and mix your audio faster and better in Adobe Audition.

* Transfer - Edit - Mix - then send back for output.

Important techniques - even for experienced editors!
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