Oct. 9, 2017

This last week, I discovered an interesting problem as I was writing a review of Keymand - which is discussed in my articles below. When I plugged my iPad into my computer, the iPad started beeping furiously. After some head-scratching, I changed the USB cable and the beeping went away. Nice to know an iPad will warn you if a USB cable goes awry.

And, thinking of awry, there's a problem with ScreenFlow 7.1 and High Sierra. When exporting ProRes video, the video exports as black. There's a workaround - apply a filter with neutral settings to the video channel before exporting. Telestream is aware of it and I expect a fix fairly soon.

My lead story this week is a blog on two " magic triangles" for creative folks. The genesis behind this article was pondering what it takes to run a successful creative business, which is something we discussed on The Buzz last week. As always, your comments are welcome.

Last week's webinar on Repairing and Improving Still Images using Photoshop was fun because I had a chance to teach some new techniques I haven't covered before. You can see some of them in the articles section, below. But, if you are working with Photoshop regularly, you'll enjoy this webinar.  Learn more here.

Back in the late 1980's I worked for Bitstream. This Boston-based type foundry designed typefaces; Matthew Carter was the lead designer, but the entire creative team was amazing. One of the inspirations of that job was discovering the emotional value of different typefaces. This is an idea I've carried with me ever since, that and memories of discussing type design with Matthew.

My Bitstream experience was the genesis for this week's webinar: " Thoughts on Fonts" - where we'll cover type design, drop shadows, blend modes and other text-based ideas that can improve the quality and impact of our projects. These ideas are NLE-agnostic - in fact, I'll present the webinar using Photoshop. Regardless of what you use to edit, you'll find ideas here that will improve your projects. As always, registration is FREE - sign up here. There's only one presentation, this Wednesday at 9 AM. See you there!

The Digital Production Buzz devoted its show last week to the business of running a creative business. We talked with several different companies from crowd-funding to distribution, to get a better look at the business-side of our industry. There were some fascinating discussions. Listen to the show here.

It was an interesting week. Next week will be even more so. Can't wait to chat with you about it. In the meantime, edit well!

Last Week On The Buzz!
There are many elements to successfully running a creative business - so tonight we chat with experts about producing, funding, management, and distribution.

  *Maxim Jago - Filmmaker
  * Sarah Meister - IndieGoGo
  * Martin Simmons - Apprise Video
  * David Ciccarelli - Voices.com
  * Greg Fornero - PostWorks Digital
  * James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS

Maxim set the scene by describing how he picks projects to produce. Sarah explained how to make crowd-funding work for filmmakers, Martin shared how he runs a successful one-man production shop, David told stories of starting his company, and Greg described the process of creating DCPs for theatrical release. Finally, James presented the latest industry news from the last week.  
Listen or read each full episode here.

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Repair and Improve Still Images Using Adobe Photoshop
Still images are at the heart of many video programs, especially docs. But, what do you do if the images you are working with don't look that good? That's where this session can help.
This session covers:
* General file operations
* Image clean-up
* Masks
* Image repair 
* New tools to improve images
Available as a download in our store, or as a part of Larry's Video Training Library. Join here

Harness the Power of Fonts
Text is essential for just about every video project.

But, all too often, we treat text as an after thought, when it can be as important as your music.
This session covers:
* How to chose the right font
* Harness the emotions in fonts
* How to improve visibility
* How to use drop shadows
* How to use blend modes
* And more...
Learn how to harness the power in your fonts! One event, Wed. 9 AM.

FREE! Register here.
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