Sept. 10, 2018

I've waited a long, long time to announce this: I have a FREE BOOK for you this week! (Along with some really solid tutorials - this is a great issue!)

Here's the backstory: Forty years ago, July, 1978, I was one of eight video directors awarded a month-long fellowship to the annual American Dance Festival. Not to dance, goodness knows, but to learn how to produce and direct dance for television. This Workshop was taught by the people who were inventing a new way to bring dance to video: Merrill Brockway, Emile Ardolino, Judy Kinberg, to name a few of the workshop leaders. It was an amazing month!

I took copious notes and photos, then, when the Workshop was over, I put what I learned into my first book: " Dance For Television: A Production Handbook." Produced in cooperation with Maryland Public Television, the book was distributed to every PBS station in America.  Then, the manuscript vanished. Until this summer, when I found the original masters we used for printing. As I read the book again, after all these years, I realized that it holds up very well. (Yes, budgets and technology have changed, but the craft is the same.) It deserved to be reissued. So, I scanned and converted the original text into searchable PDFs, added a Table of Contents, photographs and cleaned up a typos and other errors.

Producing and directing dance for video is totally different from drama. Our dramatic instincts will ruin a dance. I see this every day in dance videos and programs that are unwatchable; "Feet of Flames," anyone? So, for everyone who wants to learn from the masters - the team who taught the original workshop - I'm offering my first book for free as a PDF. There is so much here to learn and think about - I'm delighted to offer it again. Click here to download your copy. Please, share this link with your friends! From music videos to classical ballet, all of us will benefit when we can better present dance on the small screen. Enjoy!

(By the way, this isn't click bait. You don't need to give me your email address, or credit card. Free means free. There is solid information here - I want to share it.)

In other news, IBC opens this week with a ton of new product announcements. So many, in fact, that I'm delaying my webinars for one more week so I can cover whatever new gets announced. More next week.

HDR is becoming increasingly popular, but it's not easy to figure out. James Duke has struggled with shooting and editing HDR in Final Cut Pro X for the last two years. After a lengthy email correspondence, I asked him to write up his experiences and workflow. You'll find his report in our Articles section below.

Also, unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Apple is announcing ... something... this Wednesday. Which means that the release of new operating systems is just around the corner; again. So, I have suggestions on when to upgrade to Mojave. You'll find the write-up below, as well.

Finally, this last week, I've had several requests to explain how to move projects between Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro CC. So, this week, I have two articles that explain how to transfer in each direction. Cool, step-by-step stuff.

Finally, the Digital Production Buzz had a great show last week: we previewed key trends to expect at IBC later this week. Then, this week, while the world focuses on new tech at IBC, we go back to the basics and look at the essence of any video: story-telling. We talk with several experts, including Norman Hollyn, on how to improve the story-telling in our projects. Listen to the show here.

It's an exciting week: Apple, IBC, news and new products. Summer's finally over and we have a great new season coming. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you. Until next week, edit well .

Last Week On The Buzz!
IBC is exactly one week away, so, last week, we showcased some of the trends, technology and products that we can expect next week when the show opens.  
We start with a big picture view of what to expect, then look at some new and exciting products.
* Philip Hodgetts, Lumberjack System
* Stefan Karle, DoP Choice
* Mike Palmer, MassTech Innovations
* Piet Thiele, Schneider/Kreuznach 
* James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS 
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Listen to this week's show here.
Color Correction and Grading in
Apple Final Cut Pro X
Color correction and color grading are the final steps in making our images look their best. In this session, Larry Jordan takes a closer look at the enhanced color tools in Final Cut Pro 10.4 and illustrates how to use them on your images.
* Learn the basics of color
* Analyze images using video scopes
* Learn automatic color correction
* Use new manual color tools to repair
   problems and create looks
* Use keyframes to modify color looks
Download your copy here.  

Webinars Start Next Week
Webinars will be restarting after IBC. 
We'll return the third week in September with a new approach to webinars. 
In the meantime, we have hundreds of hours of training on both Adobe and Apple products in our store.
Take a look - I'm sure you'll find something you'd like to learn.
» FREE Book! "Dance For Television: A Production Handbook" (Free Download)
   » Chapters on Dancers, Choreographers, Producing, Set/Lighting and Directing.
» Working with HDR Media in Apple Final Cut Pro X (Workflow)
   » Guest tutorial covering workflow, video scopes, media and settings.

 » Don't Upgrade to macOS Mojave... Yet! ( Commentary)
   » When is the best time to upgrade your production systems?

» Move Projects Between Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro CC (Tutorial)
   » A step-by-step guide to moving media and edits between apps.

» Move Projects Between Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X ( Tutorial)
    » A step-by-step guide to moving media and edits between apps.
» EQ: Warm a Voice,
   Improve Clarity

   The New Font Menu

» Premiere Pro: Use  
   Two Monitors  
» Frame Rates Are
   Tricky Beasts 

» View tutorials here

» 261: Color Correction
   in Final Cut Pro X  

» Apple Final Cut Pro X:

» 260: Manage Media
   for Video Editing

» 256B: Green-screen
   Keys in FCP X

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» Emery Wells: The Masters 
» Steffinnie Phrommany:
   Actor's View of Casting 
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   Personal Documentary
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