Sept. 16, 2019

IBC 2019 opened last week and a slew of new products were announced. I have some highlights below, as well as five new articles! Let's get right into the news:

Blackmagic Design announced a variety of gear, including a new ATEM mini switcher. But, for me, the big news was Blackmagic RAW 1.5, an update that supports Premiere and Media Composer, along with a new version of Blackmagic Speed Test which now supports BMD RAW. introduced v3.5. More secure, more precise, with advanced search, range-based comments, keyboard shortcuts and an app marketplace.


Killer Tracks announced it was rebranding as Universal Production Music. I'm seeing consolidation in the music industry. This rebranding emphasizes Killer Tracks deep corporate roots, including "a catalog of unprecedented quality and depth, international talent, flexibility in licensing, leading-edge technologies, and personalized client support and expertise." (UPM press release)

Iconik introduced "Enhanced Proxy Workflow support" for Adobe Premiere Pro CC. "Using iconik, media from any storage is organized, tagged with AI, and shared from a single platform. Proxy workflows mean that users can collaborate on the proxy versions while keeping the large high-resolution versions on premise, saving on egress fees." (Iconik press release)


EditShare announced a suite of products for Adobe Premiere Pro. Specifically "Helmut FX, IO, CO (Cosmo), and HK (Housekeeper), solutions designed to enable extensive project administration, back-office management and render farm control for Adobe Premiere Pro enterprise post-production workflows." (EditShare press release)

Trint launched a real-time transcription and instant translation service. "For the first time, newsrooms and content producers will be able to collaboratively edit, verify and share accurate coverage of breaking news and live events virtually as they happen.... With Trint's groundbreaking Realtime Transcription, users simply plug a live stream feed from any breaking news event into Trint's online platform. The interactive transcript appears in the Trint Editor." (Trint press release)


Also, last week, Apple introduced their new iPhone line, along with updates to services, iPads, Watches and Apple TV. I thought the upgrade to their cameras was very interesting. Pro photographers are increasngly challenged by the extremely high-quality images being created by iPhones. As always, relationships and creativity are the key to business success, not just the gear you use.

Notice anything lacking at Apple's announcements last week? Yup, any mention of the new Mac Pro. My guess - and this is NOT based on any inside information - is that we will see the new hardware, along with updates to Final Cut Pro X, in early October. Hopefully, this update will support Blackmagic RAW, bringing FCP X back to parity with Premiere. While Apple needed to give the iPhone its own event, I'm hoping for a professional technology showcase early next month. As with everything, time will tell.

I have five articles for you this week, starting with Adobe's announcement of a big new feature coming in Premiere: Auto-Reframe. Then, something totally different. I was contacted by the folks at Complete Home Spa about including an article on how to take some of the stress out of your life. An interesting article that I'm sharing this week.

Next, a reader suggested that I update an article from 2014 on how to boost and smooth audio levels in Final Cut Pro X. It needed more than updating, it needed a rewrite. So, this week, I re-wrote it. Plus I have two more articles on how to export events, projects and libraries from Final Cut Pro X.

Lots of stuff to read and think about this week with more to come. Can't wait to share it with you next Monday. In the meantime, edit well.

Using HDR Media in
Apple Final Cut Pro X
RAW, sLog, HDR, 12-bit, 16-bit... What are all these different video formats and how do you work with them in Final Cut?

It's easy to get confused!
This session covers:  
* What HDR and log media is 
* Tips to color grading HDR  
* How to work with RAW, HDR, log
   and ProRes media in Final Cut Pro X
Using HDR Media in
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
RAW, sLog, HDR, 12-bit, 16-bit... What are all these different video formats and how do you work with them in Premiere?

It's easy to get confused!
This session covers:  
* What HDR and log media is
* Limitations of HDR in Premiere 
* How to work with RAW, HDR, and
   log media in Premiere Pro CC
Download: HDR in Premiere Pro  
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