Sept. 18, 2017

IBC is in full-swing with hundreds of new products announced or launched at the show. Just to pick a few of my top favorites:
  • Not to mention Apple's "Suck-all-the-oxygen-out-of-the-room" iPhone announcements; which didn't actually happen at IBC, but were impossible to overlook nonetheless.
To give you a sense of the scale of the show, here's a list of all IBC 2017 press announcements.

I have more news on Adobe's announcements as my lead story this week, plus a first look at a brand-new product for Final Cut from Arctic Whiteness which is very cool. My third article is for anyone who wants to create animated video GIFs. I've wanted to write this up for a while, so, this week, I finally did.

While webinars are taking another week off due to a schedule conflict, the Digital Production Buzz had a strong show last week. First, we had two reports from IBC with new product news, along with interviews talking about why film festivals are important to indie films, a company pushing the edges of visual effects and why funding the arts is everyone's business. Here's the link.

Time to read more press releases. Until next week, edit well!

Last Week On The Buzz!
The IBC trade show began last Thursday. On The Buzz we have a series of reports covering some of the latest news from the show. Then, we meet new people and companies worth getting to know better.

  * Terry Hope - Pro MovieMaker
  * John Pritchard - Indie Director
  * Andy White - Saddington Baynes
  * Robin Bronk - Creative Coalition
  * James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS

Terry and James presented two IBC reports looking at new products. John showcased how he used film festivals to market his indie film, Andy discussed how his firm stays on the cutting edge of VFX, and Robin introduced The Creative Coalition and why they are focused on getting more arts funding into the schools.  
Listen or read each full episode here.

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Apple Final Cut Pro X:
Audio Fundamentals
Last week, we went back to the basics and covered what you need to know to get up and running with audio in FCP X.
This session covers:  
* Display and read the audio meters
* Set audio levels and pan
* Edit and trim audio
* Use the Inspector for audio
* Sync double-system sound
* Edit and trim multi-channel clips
* Use Roles for audio editing
* Export stereo & multi-channel audio

Available as a download in our store, or as a part of Larry's Video Training Library. Join here

No Webinars This Week
We are taking a break this week to catch up on all the news from IBC.

Webinars will return next week.


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Use Two Monitors

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