NEWS - Sept. 21, 2020
EIGHT new tutorials, plus news this week! But, first, a caution.

Sometime in the next month or so, Apple will release macOS 11 - Big Sur. First unveiled at WWDC in June, this will be a major update. I STRONGLY recommend you NOT upgrade any computers that you use for client or deadline-driven work when this is initially released. Apple works hard to make every OS as perfect as possible. But operating systems are vastly complex and errors always appear. My general recommendation is to wait until a .1 release is available before upgrading any essential systems. Here's an article I wrote with more detail.

In the news:

Adobe released new versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects, with minor upgrades to several other apps. I have several articles that showcase what's new, along with a webinar this Wednesday with highlights.

Symply released an upgraded version of the SymplyWORKSPACE, now with embedded axle ai 2020 media asset management, to enhance collaboration and provide more efficiency in media production. SymplyWORKSPACE is the first shared storage system using industry leading StorNext6 for high-speed collaboration over Thunderbolt3, supporting up to eight simultaneous, combined Mac or Windows clients and featuring advanced RAID protection for content safety. 

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The folks at WizCase recently published "The Ultimate Privacy Guide for Mac Users." While we like to think our systems are secure, the truth is that all internet connections make any operating system susceptible to security threats — including your Mac. There is good information here.

IPV, makers of media asset management software, released a series of four webinars on how to create video remotely in lockdown. "In this free webinar series, video industry giants from Sky, Sesame Workshop, WarnerMedia and Biola University discuss how they navigated lockdown and created amazing content under extraordinary conditions." (IPV)

Journalism is facing a tough future. People love news, but revenue streams are drying up to pay for it. This was brought home, again, with an email announcing that Creative Planet Network (which includes Digital Media) and Government Video are merging with TV Technology. "All those resources you turned to at Creative Planet Network can now be found on TV Technology, the most trusted source of technology news and trends on media production."

Adobe is making the most news this week with updates for Premiere Pro and After Effects, along with minor updates to Photoshop, Audition, Adobe Media Encoder and Camera RAW. I have four articles on Premiere below in Articles. I also have four video tutorials showcasing some of the new features in Final Cut Pro X.

Last week's webinar on the New Features in Apple Final Cut Pro X was fun to present. I covered over twenty new features in both Final Cut and Motion. To help you make the most of this update, my webinar is now available in both my store and Video Training Library.

This week's webinar looks at the New Features in Adobe Premiere Pro, which was released last Tuesday. Registration to my live events is always free. 

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The year 2020 will go down in history as the year where, just when we thought things were as strange as they were going to get, darned if something new just turned the screws tighter. I'm deeply saddened by the death of Justice Ginsberg. While she has nothing to do with video, her work and memory deserve honor. For the rest of us, our work is to keep on doing our best. Amidst all the tumult, actual communication is a rare commodity today. That's where we fit in.

Until next Monday, stay safe, stay healthy and stay hopeful. And edit well.
» Adobe Releases Updates to Premiere Pro & After Effects (News)
» Here's a description of the new features.

» Premiere Pro: New! Automatic Scene Detection (Tutorial)
» Fast, fun and accurate, here's an illustrated tutorial.

» Final Cut Pro X: New Browser Features in 10.4.9 (Tutorial)
» An illustrated tutorial for these new - but hidden - Browser features.

» Final Cut Pro X: New Viewer Features in 10.4.9 (Tutorial)
» An illustrated tutorial for these new - but hidden - Viewer features.

» Final Cut Pro X: New Settings for ProRes RAW Media (Tutorial)
» Apple adds ISO and white point control. Here's how to access these.

» Premiere Pro: New! HDR Workflow (Tutorial)
» Premiere improves support for HDR media. Learn more here.

» Premiere Pro: Working with Motion Graphics Templates (Tutorial)
» This explains how to add, find, edit, modify and delete these templates.

» Motion 5: New! 3D Objects and the Stroke Filter (Tutorial)
» Here's how to find & customize 3D objects and what the Stroke filter does.

* HDR Workflow
* Automatic Scene Detection
* Other, smaller new features

Registration is FREE - Wednesday - 9 AM & 12 PM


* Smart Conform
* Improved Proxy workflow
* ProRes RAW adjustments
* New Browser options
* New Viewer options
* New Timeline changes
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