Sept. 24, 2018

This week, there's a mix of serious and fun stuff. Let's tackle the serious stuff first.

Webinars returned last week with a subject I've wanted to cover for a while: explaining the workflow of moving audio files from Final Cut to Adobe Audition. FCP X is a solid audio editor, but, when it comes to audio repair and mixing, it can't compare to Audition. However, the process of moving files between the two applications isn't easy. Still, I use Audition for mixing my webinars and podcasts, and have done so for years. This time, I decided to cover the process in detail.

What I discovered, though, was that GoToWebinar, Telestream ScreenFlow, Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Audition do not play well together. So, while I was able to showcase the workflow of moving files between apps, creating an actual mix was a problem. The good news is that I was able to edit around the issue, so the version posted to my store and Video Training Library are fine, but it means that it will be a while until I cover audio again in a webinar.

So, this week, our webinar covers a topic I haven't talked about at all this year: repairing still images in Adobe Photoshop. With the new content-aware tools in Photoshop, image repair has evolved into a whole new set of power-tools. Join us this Thursday and I'll share the same secrets I'm teaching my students. This is a fun session and, best of all, its free! There's only one presentation - at 9 AM LA time. Register here.

By the way, two of my articles this week are excerpts from last week's webinar: one shows how to export an XML file from Final Cut, convert it using XtoCC, then open it in Audition. The other shows how and why to create audio buses in Audition. A bus is a MUCH better way to handle audio than a compound clip. I'll show you why in this article.

However, not all my articles are serious. This week, I created: "Fun With Titles in Final Cut Pro X." Here, I show you some very clever effects you can create with the existing titles in Final Cut. There's lots to play with here, which is why it's my lead story.

As you probably know, IBC ended last week, so on the Digital Production Buzz, we talked to the three biggest companies in our industry - Avid, Adobe and Blackmagic Design - about their latest news and announcements. They all had interesting things to say - with lots for us to look at when these new products are released in a few weeks. Listen to the show here.

For the rest of September, I'm running my FREE BOOK promotion: "Dance for Television: A Production Handbook?" This 85-page PDF explains the differences between producing and directing dance, as compared to drama. I've had lots of good comments on this. The book really is free! Click here to download your copy.

That's about it for this week. I look forward to chatting with you again next Monday. Until then, edit well .

Last Week On The Buzz!
IBC ended last week, so we talked with Adobe Systems, Avid and Blackmagic Design about their latest products, announcements and news.
If you want to learn where our industry is headed, these interviews will point the way.
* Dan May, Blackmagic Design
* Bill Roberts, Adobe Systems
* Ray Thompson, Avid 
* James DeRuvo, DoddleNEWS 
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Final Cut Pro X to Adobe Audition:
An Audio Workflow
Webinars returned with a look at audio mixing FCP X projects. The short answer is that, while FCP X excels at audio editing, it isn't that great for mixing. This session shows how to:

* Organize audio clips in FCP X
* Export an XML file for audio mixing
* Convert the XML file for Audition
* Edit and adjust clips in Audition
* Mix the audio
* Export the final audio mix
* Import the mix into FCP X
* Export the final project out of FCP X
Download your copy here.  
How to Repair Still Images in
Adobe Photoshop
Whether you use Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut, still images are at the heart of many videos, especially documentaries. But, what do you do if the images you are working with don't look that good? That's where this session can help.

* Straighten images
* Cropping
* Use masks for selective repairs
* Exposure and color controls
* Cloning and healing
* Traditional repair tools
* Content-aware repair tools
Registration is FREE - Sign up HERE.
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 » How and Why to Create an Audio Bus in Adobe Audition ( Video Tutorial)
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