NEWS - Sept. 28, 2020
Five new tutorials, more news and glowing reviews for my book this week. But, first, a caution.

Sometime in the next month or so, Apple will release macOS 11 - Big Sur. First unveiled at WWDC in June, this will be a major update. I STRONGLY recommend you NOT upgrade any computers that you use for client or deadline-driven work when this is initially released. Apple works hard to make every OS as perfect as possible. But operating systems are vastly complex and errors always appear. My general recommendation is to wait until a .1 release is available before upgrading any essential systems. Here's an article I wrote with more detail.

In the news:

Avid announced the upcoming release of its MediaCentral Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro – a lightweight software plugin that enables Premiere Pro editors to connect with post-production workflows for news and sports —offers the full advantage of Avid storage, asset management and team collaboration. This integration enables editors to browse, search, access and edit content and metadata without ever leaving Adobe Premiere Pro. Available in early October.

The team at Pearl Mountain Limited contacted me about Flexclip. This is a free, simple, yet powerful web-based video maker that creates marketing videos and family stories in minutes. It features rich animation, millions of royalty-free assets, and a comprehensive online video editing tool. 

» Link:

Maxim Jago is producing a new online event called: The Creativity Conference 2021. This free, online, "global meeting of minds explores the quintessential essence of creativity, with the goal of inspiring and re-invigorating creativity for all." (Website) Speakers range from authors to musicians to filmmakers and more.

OWC introduced the Mercury Pro LTO, cost-effective, easy-to-use, tape-based archiving and backup. The Mercury Pro LTO uses the latest 12TB LTO-8 tapes and connects seamlessly with either Macs or PCs. I've requested a review copy and hope to publish a review shortly.

My book continues to get great reviews! This week, Oliver Peters wrote: "I found that ["Techniques of Visual Persuasion"] is not only a good first read, but useful to have around for a quick reference, whether you are just entering the field or have been in the business for years." Maxim Jago called it: "A brilliant book." 

This week's free webinar looks at audio editing and mixing using Adobe Audition. Whether you use Premiere or Final Cut, you can use Audition to improve the quality of your projects. This session provides an overview of the software.

Last week's webinar examined the new features in the 14.4 release of Adobe Premiere Pro. The good news is that there are a number of useful features. The bad news is that this release has a larger number of bugs than usual. This webinar shows what you need to know and, more importantly, what isn't working yet.

We are well past 1,000 tips for The Inside Tips and closing in on our one-year anniversary on Oct. 10. So far, we've released 311 Tip Letters, which is pretty amazing, when you think about all the shortcuts and tips that represents! If you haven't signed up for this free service, join today! New tips are released every day. And it's all FREE!

I have five new tutorials this week. My lead story is a bug-fix release from Apple to fix a variety of significant bugs in the 10.4.9 update to Final Cut, along with Motion and Compressor. Next are two excerpts from last week's Premiere webinar, looking at automatic scene detection and a new feature in HDR - the graphics white point. Next is an article that illustrates where Adobe stores preferences, presets and other work files.

Finally, as all of us struggle to keep moving forward in these very challenging times, I have an interview with Maury Rogow, CEO of the RIP Media Group, on a new way of repurposing older assets to assist smaller companies and non-profits. You'll find all the links below in the Articles section.

Finding reasons for hope today is not easy. Our industry is built on collaboration, teamwork, and reasonable budgets. Three things in short supply today. Still a key thought in Maury Rogow's interview was that media creators have always faced competitors who aim to be more creative, faster, lower-cost, and easier to work with. Our challenge, he said, is to rise above them. "We are creators, we must create." Not just our projects, but ourselves.

Stay healthy and stay hopeful. Until next Monday, edit well.
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» This may sound arcane, but you really need to know what this does.

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» A list of folders where Adobe stores key work files and settings

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» An interview with Maury Rogow, CEO of RIP Media Group, on reinvention.
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