Nov. 14, 2016

What an amazing week!

First, the election was stunning to just about all of us, regardless for whom you voted. For me, though, there were troubling signs in what the polls were reporting about wide-spread mistrust of the media. This impacts all of us and I have some thoughts on that as my lead story. I'm very interested in your comments.

Second, while I was in this reflective mood, I started thinking about our blind rush for more pixels and higher-resolution.  I think this is a mistake that will cost us clients and revenues. I wrote my thoughts here and, again, I'm interested in your comments.

The launch of my new Final Cut Pro X 10.3 training set new records - more on this in a moment - but one comment that I heard a lot was that people just wanted a "highlights reel" of new features. So, I've created one from last week's webinar: New Features of Final Cut Pro X. Plus, this has a special price of only $19.90, so you can save 20% and learn the new features at the same time.

The second big request I got this week was for a "Getting Started" webinar for people that are trying to make a decision on whether to move from FCP 7 to Premiere or FCP X. So, this week's webinar is an introduction to FCP X, with an emphasis on comparing FCP X with 7 and Premiere. If you know someone who's trying to decide, please encourage them to attend. Registration is free - sign up here.

As a heads-up, I found a bug in Compressor 4.3 (the newest version) that causes it to create very poor watermarks. Apple is aware of the problem and working to fix it. However, since everything I create is watermarked, this means that I need to do all my compression with Compressor 4.2 until an upgrade is released. Fortunately, I did not upgrade all my systems, so this is not a hardship. Still, this is a reminder to turn off Auto-Updating in System Preferences > App Store, and always make sure to keep one system running an older version of any critical software until you know it is safe to upgrade.

One last thing. I am very gratified with the positive response to my latest FCP X training. But, what we did not expect was that our server would totally collapse under the load. This caused last week to be very stressful as we struggled to get our server back up and my training in the hands of everyone that ordered it. Along the way, we also discovered problems in some of our movies that needed to be fixed. We are in the process of migrating our server to something much more robust and we've fixed all the errors we've found in our movies. (I'm sorry for the flood of upgrade emails, though.)

If you have any questions or problems with your purchase, or difficulty downloading the files, please contact me so that we can get this resolved. Also, if you ordered a DVD, we finalized the masters yesterday with all updates included. They go into duplication tomorrow and should ship by the middle of the week. DVDs are special order only, please contact us if you want a copy.

Six new articles this week - 2 editorials, 2 videos, 1 tutorial and 1 from DoddleNEWS. Enjoy your reading and, until next week, edit well.

This Week On The Buzz!

This week, The Buzz looked at drones with:

   * Alex Keller
   * Nicolia Wiles
   * Ned Soltz
   * Zach Bloom
   * Jonathan Handel
   * James DeRuvo

Alex is a pilot for the Ventura County Sheriff's Dept. He talked about drones from a 911 point-of-view, Zach spoke about flying drones, Nicolia talked about making drones, and Ned talked about new drone technology. Jonathan and James covered the news.
Listen or read each full episode here.

Text transcripts provided by Read the written transcript from this week's show here.

New shows air live every Thursday evening at 6:00 PM Los Angeles time.

Tune in live here.

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New Features in Final Cut Pro X
This is a great way to discover just the new features in the latest version of Final Cut Pro X.

This 45 minute session covers:

* The new interface
* The revised Magnetic Timeline
* New Roles and Lanes
* The new Timeline Index
* Wide Color Gamut media
* The new location of everything
* Trimming connected clips
* And much, much more

Download your copy here. Buy it this week and save 20% - only $19.90! 
Get Started with Final Cut Pro X
Designed for people that are trying to decide what editing software to move to, this session is an introduction to Final Cut Pro X.

My goal is to compare the differences between FCP X, FCP 7 and Premiere, then show you how things work in Final Cut Pro X.  This won't cover every feature, instead it is designed to get your oriented and running with a minimum of stress.

Registration is free, but we have a limit of 250 seats. Sign up here and bring questions!
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» FCP X 10.3: Organize the Magnetic Timeline Using Roles (Video)
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» FCP X 10.3: Roles, Audio and the Timeline Index (Video)
       » Changes in the Timeline Index simplify audio clip display, edit and mixing. 
» FCP X 10.3: Role Components Make Audio Stems Possible (Tutorial)
       » Role components make it easy to create audio stems within the Timeline.  
» YouTube Adds HDR Support to Its Streams (DoddleNEWS)
       » This new feature means that HDR can finally come to the masses. 
» NEW! Apple Releases FCP X 10.3.

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