Jan. 16, 2017

There's just no good time to remodel a house. In fact, there's something about home renovations that's just depressing. Everything in my office - and the rest of the house, for that matter - is covered in plastic and dust. Lots and lots of dust.

As a present to ourselves, my wife and I decided to replace all our interior ceilings, repaint the entire interior and replace the carpet. Sigh... What drugs were we on? I'm sure it will all look lovely when its done, but this week, my wife and I are living in hotels and all my computer gear is turned off and inaccessible under plastic.

If this had been a normal week - in other words, if I could access my gear - I'd have a fascinating article on importing iXML audio data into Final Cut Pro X, a review of Titler Pro 5 from NewBlueFX, and a first look at new plug-ins from Rampant Design Tools. Sadly, all those product reviews need to wait a week.

Why? Because the files I need for each of these reviews are - you guessed it, buried under plastic sheets and 17 metric tons of dust and plaster. Maybe more - I'm too depressed to count.

However, as I was moving stuff from closets to boxes last week, I realized that constant change and obsolescence in technology is endangering all the projects we've worked so hard over the years to create. I have a blog on that for today.

I'm also continuing my periodic series on creating simple effects. This time I look at how to put multiple images on screen using Final Cut Pro X; this tutorial also includes a look at compound clips. It is easy to get distracted by complex effects. But, when you are just starting out, even the simple things seem impossible. This tutorial is designed for those just starting out.

You'll also find two articles from DoddleNEWS this week, one is Part 1 of a detailed look at HDR, while the second is a look into the future: Adobe demoed voice-guided image retouching in Photoshop; and you know that Premiere won't be very far behind.

Last week's webinar - Understanding the Hardware of Video Editing - was really well received. My goal for this webinar was to explain how to configure a computer for video editing and where to get the best value for your money. Yes, in an ideal world, every computer should do everything for a reasonable price. But, that isn't the world we live in. So, this webinar enables you to make more informed choices.

Because of all the construction, I'm skipping this week's webinar. We'll pick these up again next week - assuming the dust is gone and the paint has dried.

In the meantime, the Digital Production Buzz devoted an entire show to creating music and sound effects. From new enhancements to ProTools and SmartSound, to Cloud-based sound effects to music created entirely with artificial intelligence, this was a captivating show devoted to sound. (The AI section was amazing!)

Well, I'm gonna get a pick ax and a shovel and see if I can rediscover my office. (Note to self: "This really will look great when all the work is done.") In the meantime, enjoy your week and edit well.

Last Week On The Buzz!

Our last show talked about music:

   * Laurent Martin
   * Kevin Klingler
   * Tony Cariddi
   * Peder Jørgensen
   * Scott Page
   * James DeRuvo

Laurent told us about how he uses artificial intelligence to create music. Kevin described the latest updates to SonicFire, Tony highlighted new features in ProTools, Scott described the challenges for musicians to earn a living in today's world and James presented a news summary of the past week.
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The Hardware Side of Video Editing
As I was testing a 2016 MacBook Pro laptop, I realized that many of my assumptions  regarding hardware configuration for video editing were inaccurate.

This week, I covered what I learned: 

* How to measure performance
* How Premiere and FCP X use RAM, CPU, GPU and storage
* How to pick the right system for your needs

This session will change your thinking. Download your copy here. Or join our Video Training Library
Construction Pauses Webinars
I am renovating my offices - well, actually, the entire house.

I can't find my computers - there's too much dust.

So webinars are pausing this week until I can get this mess cleaned up.

In the meantime, check out over 200 courses - both short and long - in our Video Training Library.

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