Mar. 13, 2017

I am having fun creating our five-part Motion series - and am grateful for everyone's questions and comments during our live Wednesday Webinars. There is so much to cover that trying to squeeze all the major elements into five one-hour sessions is an interesting challenge.

The first two episodes are now posted to our store and the Video Training Library. My goal is to turn these five episodes into a "Master Motion 5.3" bundle. And, because so many of you have asked, we have a special offer for you: the sooner you buy the bundle, the more money you save.

Buy our Master Motion 5.3 bundle this week - with two shows posted - and save 35%. As soon as I post the third show, the discount drops to 30%. When the fourth show is posted, the discount drops to 25%. When the series is done, the final bundle discount will be 20%. The bundle price changes each time a new show is posted - which, for the curious, is Saturday afternoons.

For those that can't wait, join us each Wednesday for our weekly Webinar. Here's the registration link. Attending the live show is always free. And, if you can't, we now have a way for you to purchase the bundle and save money at the same time.

Here's a reminder to share a couple minutes of your time and complete Tom Coughlin's survey on how we use media. (Here's the link.) Tom shares the results at his annual Creative Storage Conference, which is attended by every major storage vendor on the planet. If you want to lobby for change, this survey is a good place to start. Here's the link.

Tim Cook was in the news recently, talking about Apple's commitment to pros. This is one of those situations where I want to believe what Tim is saying, but it is increasingly hard to actually believe them. I wrote a blog about this - its my lead story below - feel free to share your thoughts.

One last note, the Digital Production Buzz is returning to the annual NAB Show this April. For the tenth year in a row!, we'll be covering all the action live from the show floor - Booth SL12405. More than 24 live shows in four days. We are already booking guests; send me an email if you have someone to suggest we should invite on our show.  I'll have more on our plans - plus our new website - as NAB gets closer.

Be sure to join us for our Motion webinar this Wednesday. Then, keep hoping that spring arrives soon. In the meantime, edit well.

Last Week On The Buzz!

Our latest show looked at VR and 360-Video. Our guests were:

   * Marc Batschkus
   * Clement Barberis
   * Michael Kammes
   * James Tucci
   * Larry O'Connor
   * James DeRuvo

began by defining archive, backup and storage, then describing how we need to archive our projects. Michael followed by explaining how to include archiving in our workflow, James with a look at high-speed storage, Larry with his take on the future of storage and Clement with LaCie's new storage plans. Finally, James presented the weekly DoddleNEWS update.
Listen or read each full episode here.

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Dive Deeper Into Apple Motion 5.3
Last week, we started exploring Motion. This week, we dive deeper into the application in the second of our five-part series.
This includes:

* Using the Inspector
* Add / Adjust Filters
* Introduction to Masks
* Drawing Tools
* Exploring other graphic elements
* Into to the Particle System

This is the first in a five-part series.

This is available as a download, or as part of our Video Training Library
Add Media to Apple Motion 5.3
In part 3 of our five-part series, we add audio and video into a Motion project, along with a longer look at masks, paths, and particles. This week, we look at:

* Masks
* Paths
* Creating a particle system
* Adding audio and behaviors
* Adding video
* Video behaviors unique to Motion

This series is designed for both new and existing users.

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