Jan. 9, 2017

Six new articles for you this week, plus a new webinar.

But, the BIG news this week is that we have upgraded our server and the new hardware is REALLY fast. We moved from DreamHost to SoftLayer. We found tech support at DreamHost deficient with servers that couldn't be easily upgraded.

SoftLayer gives us extensible servers which we can ramp up or down as demand warrants. What REALLY impresses me is the speed of our new system - easily 10-20 times faster that what we had before. This means that Video Training Library members should see much smoother streaming and when you purchase a download, it should download much more quickly and reliably. Web pages display almost instantly, as well. (To be fair, Internet speeds vary around the world. If you are having problems, as always, let me know and I'll have my team look at it.)

I want to thank Paige Bravin, Sudd Dongre and Jeff Barry for leading the effort for this transition. Excellent work!

One of the most popular articles I've written recently looked at the new MacBook Pro to see if it was "fast enough" for video editing. In writing this article, I discovered that a lot of what I thought was "true," wasn't. So, this week, I'm doing a webinar on configuring a system for video editing, based on what I've learned. If you want to know how to best spend your money and how to measure the results, you'll want to join us this week. Registration to our live events is always free. Sign up here.

As we get back into the swing of work, Dick Osso suggested I write a series of tutorials showcasing how to do simple effects. So, I wrote two this week - one for FCP X and the other for Premiere.

Then, during last week's "Ask Larry Anything," I used illustrations of 3-point lighting that everyone liked. So, I created a stand-alone video this week using images and diagrams to show what 3-point lighting is and how you can use it to create different lighting effects.

AMD continues making news and I have a write-up covering their latest CES announcements. This will, I suspect, become more meaningful to many Mac users later in the year. Plus, DoddleNEWS reports that Kodak is bringing film back - not to replace digital, but to give us more choices. Finally, I have a summary of all my late-December articles so if you were off the grid for the holidays, here's a list of everything new that I posted during the last two weeks.

Remember to listen to the Digital Production Buzz - lots of great interviews last week, looking at new trends we should watch in 2017. 

As always, thanks for your interest and, until next week, edit well.

Last Week On The Buzz!

On our last show, we talked with:

   * David Colantuoni
   * Steven W. Roth
   * Cirina Catania
   * Philip Hodgetts
   * Ned Soltz
   * James DeRuvo

David shared this thoughts on what Avid is doing for 2017, Steven on the merger of Digital Production Buzz with Thalo in the new year, Ned Soltz on cameras and gear for 2017, Cirina on filmmaking business trends, Philip on new tech trends, and James had a news wrap-up of CES.
Listen or read each full episode here.

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Ask Larry Anything - 2017!
This free-form and free-for-all session is a chance to ask anything and find answers.

These two sessions ran more than two hours, with dozens of questions, so I divided them into three movies:

* Gear, Workflow and Legal
* Apple
* Adobe

These sessions are EXCLUSIVELY available to members of our Video Training Library.

Become a member here.
Picking Video Editing Hardware
As I was testing and writing about a 2016 MacBook Pro laptop, I realized that many of the assumptions that I had regarding hardware configuration and video editing were incomplete.

In this session, I want to help you  make more informed decisions when configuring your system.

* What does performance mean?
* How do we measure performance?
* What do you really need to spend money on?

Registration is free - sign up here.
» Illustrating 3-Point Lighting ( Video)
   » This short video illustrates lighting using images and diagrams.

» FCP X:  Animate a Title Through a Background ( Tutorial)
    » An illustrated tutorial on how to use Crop and Draw Mask to animate images.  

» Premiere Pro: Animate a Title Through an Image (Tutorial
    » An illustrated tutorial on how to move text through an image.

» AMD Announces New Graphics Architecture ( News)
  » The details behind AMD's CES 2017 announcements.

» December 2016 Articles You May Have Missed (Summary)
     » A list of the articles you may have missed during the holidays. 

» Kodak Revives Ektachrome Film Stock for Film and Photography (DoddleNEWS)
    » Film is back, and Kodak is providing it. 
» The MacBook Pro: Fast Enough to Edit?

» EQ: Warm a Voice, Improve Clarity

» Premiere Pro CC: Use Two Monitors

» Premiere Pro: Boost & Smooth Audio Levels

» View tutorials here

» FCP X: Workflow & Editing (v. 10.3)

» 207: New Features in Final Cut Pro X 10.3

» 200: Essential Sound Panel in Adobe Audition

» Growing Your Business: Part 1

» View all webinars here

» Larry Jordan Looks Back at 2016

» Ned Soltz: 2017 Predictions

» Michele Yamazaki: Top Plug-ins for 2016

» Jonathan Handel: Labor News for 2017

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