Feb. 6, 2017

Here is a collection of five new articles this week, including one on a new Cloud-based service platform for content creators that launched last week.

Last week, I postponed my webinar on "Simple Things in Final Cut Pro X" because I woke up with a cold and no voice that morning. I discovered it is very hard to do a webinar when you can't talk.  So, I'm rescheduling this for later in February. I'll have the specific date for you next week.

THIS Wednesday, I'm covering " Simple Things in Adobe Premiere Pro CC." If you have something that you've always wondered about and want to learn, send me an email and I'll make a point to talk about it. Registration is free. Click here to sign up.

Writing about emails reminds me that our podcast, Digital Production Buzz, is covering workflow later this month. A workflow is a consistent process that we follow to get work done. How editors get their work done, and the gear they use, is endlessly fascinating to me, so we are increasing our coverage of this on the show. If you would like to talk about your system or your personal workflow on the show, send me an email and I'll get our producer in touch with you. This isn't about "state-of-the-art" gear, its about the gear you use to crank out the work every day and get paid for it.

By the way, I want to call three interviews to your attention from last week's show. Philip Galler creates giant LED walls and projection systems to replace green-screens for such films as Rogue One and Oblivion, as well as projection systems for all the big awards shows. Dan Page is with a startup - DiGiGrid - that creates audio gear for the small to medium studio that can be networked over Ethernet. And Allison O'Keefe specializes in reading trends on media and millennials that you need to hear if you are creating programming targeted to younger audiences. Click here to listen.

Last week, Apple released a new bundle: " Pro Apps for Education" specifically designed to allow students to buy into the FCP eco-system for a very low price. This is very similar to the bundles for Final Cut Pro 7 that Apple created for educators and students. The details are below.

That's it for now. I look forward to chatting again next week; in the meantime, edit well.

Last Week On The Buzz!

Our last show talked about lots of different things with:

   * Philip Galler
   * Dan Page
   * Heath McKnight
   * Allison O'Keefe
   * Michael Kammes
   * James DeRuvo

Philip created giant LED walls and projection systems to replace green-screens for very large shows. Dan is with startup DiGiGrid offering audio  gear you can network. Heath took us behind-the-scenes at DoddleNEWS, Allison looked at media trends for 2017 and Michael showcased key ideas from the 2017 Editors Retreat. And, as always, James presented our weekly DoddleNEWS update.
Listen or read each full episode here.

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC:
The Simple Things
It is easy to get lost in the technology, only to bang your head against the wall trying to figure out an easier way to solve a simple problem. THAT'S what this covers: 

* Exploring the interface
* Editing, organizing, replacing clips
* Tweaking audio
* Simple effects
* And much more.

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By The Way...

If you have a question you want me to cover during "Simple Things," send me an email.

And, if you have an idea for a webinar send me a note as well. I'm planning the next couple of months and am looking for some ideas.

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