Jan. 2, 2017

Happy New Year!!

I have three-and-a-half new articles for you, plus a chance to vote on your favorite plug-in.

The end of the year is as good a time as any to look back at key trends and take-aways from the past twelve months. Last week, the Digital Production Buzz asked me to put my thoughts on the past year into a segment. It was a fun segment so, without the pressure of meeting a broadcast deadline, I rewrote them into an article for this week's issue. Its my lead article this week.

One feature in FCP X I've been writing about recently is its support for wide color gamut media. Which is great, but how do we see it?  This week, I created a tutorial on how to configure the new MacBook Pro - or any recent iMac - to display P3 media. It was much easier than I thought.

My article two weeks ago about whether the new MacBook Pro was fast enough for video editing has had thousands of views - and lots of comments. One reader wanted to see performance results when editing AVCHD media, while another took me to task for not including Adobe Premiere results. (There wasn't time with the initial release of the article.)

So, this week, I went back and added two sections: the first covered editing AVCHD media in Final Cut Pro X, the second covered editing ProRes, AVCHD and 4K media in Adobe Premiere. There were some surprises in the Premiere tests, so if either of these new sections cover the media or software you use, you might want to re-read the article.

Also, I'm skeptical of the long-term success of Virtual Reality for story-telling. This week, DoddleNEWS ran a very interesting article on how Facebook and Sony are using VR to capture personal details on viewers for future marketing. This is a very important subject that deserves additional conversation.

The Digital Production Buzz had a fun show last week, as all our guests looked back at 2016. Check out our guest list, then give the show a listen.

Oh! Almost forgot. Toolfarm is running a contest where you get to vote on your favorite plug-in. It's their " Annual ToolFarm's Top 10 Plug-in Awards" contest. Voting is fast, free and easy, and the deadline is extended to Jan. 15. Vote here.

This week's Wednesday Webinar is another " Ask Larry Anything," because I can't think of a new subject to talk about. (Too much time off during the holidays, I suspect.) So, if you have questions, email them to me, then join us this Wednesday and we'll see if we can solve them together. Register for FREE here!

As a note, Ask Larry Anything sessions are ONLY available as part of the live event or to members of our Video Training Library - it won't be available in my store.

I hope you had a great holiday, caught up on your sleep and are fresh and ready to tackle the new year. (Well, OK, me neither...)  In any case, may 2017 be better for you, and all of us, than 2016!  Until next week, edit well.

Last Week On The Buzz!

Last week, we talked with:

   * Larry O'Connor
   * Jonathan Handel
   * Michele Yamazaki-Terpstra
   * Michael Kammes
   * Larry Jordan
   * James DeRuvo

The first Larry talked about tech trends, especially in hardware and storage, Jonathan discussed the challenges facing labor in 2017, Michele covered plug-ins, Michael editing system and workflow in 2016 and I shared my key takeaways from the last year. James summarized key news stories from the past year.
Listen or read each full episode here.

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Ask Larry Anything - 2016!
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There were so many questions, that we created two movies: one focusing on Adobe products and the other looking at Apple.

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Ask Larry Anything - 2017!
My brain is fried from the holidays. So, let's have a party! 

This week's webinar is "Ask Larry Anything!"

If you have questions, email them to me and I'll cover them in our weekly get-together. I'll also discuss the new MacBook Pro and what I've learned from my research.

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