Nov. 28, 2016

Four new articles and a Gift Guide for you this week!

For those of you in the US, I hope you had a pleasant Thanksgiving weekend.  For me, though, I find myself pacing if I have too many days off in a row. I'm still working to understand this concept of "time off."

We have a new webinar for you this week: " Compare: Adobe Media Encoder with Apple Compressor."  Both AME and Compressor were recently updated, so this seems like a good time to see what the new features are and how they compare. Registration is always free, the details are below.

Also, the Digital Production Buzz looks at plug-ins this week. We will talk with folks from: Red Giant, Toolfarm, NewBlueFX, KeyCode Media and, as always, decipher the current state of our industry with our weekly DoddleNEWS Update.

Thinking of DoddleNEWS, the team over there has assembled a very interesting Gift Guide. I'm adding a link to it in the Articles section. They've uncovered some very interesting products for the filmmaker on your list.

In our articles this week, I have a hands-on look at the ProMAX Platform. More than just shared storage, I was able to use this to help create my recent Final Cut Pro X training. This write-up details what I learned.

The new version of Compressor is having some problems with DVDs. One of my articles looks at what you need to know to create a DVD.

Then, I have two-and-a-half articles on Adobe Audition. I use this program every week to create the Digital Production Buzz. One article is on shortcuts and techniques that make mixing easier. The second is an analysis tool that I use with every mix to determine whether it meets spec. And the third is an update to my article on the Loudness Radar in both Premiere and Audition that does a great job of keeping my mixes in control. (The reason for the update is that I added settings and additional text that explain how to use this meter for mixes heading to the web.)

Well, we only have a few short weeks to work before the holidays are upon us, again. So, until next week, edit well.

Last Week On The Buzz!

Last week, The Buzz covered a lot of ground with:

   * Paul Kobelja
   * Nick Mattingly
   * Terry Curran
   * Dylan Higginbotham
  * Scott Page
   * James DeRuvo

Paul talked about new LED technology that can replace a green-screen. Nick explained new ways to stream live video from an iPhone. Terry discussed finishing a 4K project. Dylan showed how he creates plug-ins for FCP X. Scott is watching new trends in social media we need to know for marketing our projects. And James DeRuvo covered the latest news.
Listen or read each full episode here.

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Get Started with Final Cut Pro X
Designed for people that are trying to decide what editing software to move to, this session is an introduction to Final Cut Pro X.

* Compare FCP X, FCP 7 and Premiere
* Where and how to store media
* How the interface works
* How to do a simple edit
* The Magnetic Timeline
* Storylines
* Add transitions and titles
* Export for YouTube

Download your copy here. Buy it this week and save 20% - only $19.90! 
Compare: Adobe Media Encoder with Apple Compressor
Both Adobe Media Encoder (AME) and Apple Compressor recently underwent upgrades. In this week's webinar, we compare the two software to see what's new.

This session covers:
* New features in AME
* New features in Compressor
* What one app does that the other doesn't
* How to make the most of either app

Registration is FREE!

Sign-up here
» Hands-on the ProMAX Platform Studio (Product Review)
» A detailed look at shared storage, asset management for workgroups. 

» Adobe Audition CC: Really Helpful Tools for Mixing (Tutorial)
» Shortcuts and techniques that make audio mixing faster and easier.

» Adobe Audition CC: Explaining Amplitude Statistics (Tutorial)

» Understanding what these stats are telling you can save your mix.

» The Loudness Radar in Adobe Premiere and Audition CC (Tutorial)
» This updated article now covers loudness settings for web projects.

» Optimize Compressor 4.3 to Burn DVDs (Tutorial)
» Avoid problems with speed, compression settings and audio levels.  
»  The DoddleNEWS Holiday Gift Guide ( DoddleNEWS)
» Holiday treats for the filmmakers on your list. 
» EQ: Warm a Voice, Improve Diction

» NEW! Apple Releases FCP X 10.3.

» Premiere Pro CC: Use Two Monitors

» Premiere Pro CC: Boost & Smooth Audio

» View tutorials here

» FCP X: Workflow & Editing (v. 10.3)

» 207: New Features in Final Cut Pro X 10.3

» 208: Get Started with Final Cut Pro X 10.3

» 202: Create Animated Titles in Motion 5

» View all webinars here

» Nicolia Wiles: New Drones from GDU

» Paul Kobelja: Replace Backgrounds, Without Green Screen

» Greg Fornero: New DCP Services for Filmmakers

» Justin Thomson: Acting - Business vs. Creativity

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