Dec. 5, 2016

Whoa!!! I just looked at the calendar and realized that Christmas is 20 days away!  Less than 3 weeks? What happened to October and November??? Sheesh... time didn't just fly, it evaporated.

I have EIGHT! new articles this week. Some weeks, I'm struggling for an idea. This week, I had more than I could use and rolled three over till next week.

The most immediate news is that Apple updated Final Cut to version 10.3.1. This update is all minor bug fixes - unless you were caught by the bug - with no new features added. Neither Motion or Compressor were updated.

Adobe Media Encoder has a VERY cool new feature called " stitching," which automatically combines multiple movies into one. One of this week's video tutorials explains how this works. If you need to integrate multiple elements into a compressed video, this can save you a lot of time.

Several new products were announced this week: FinderCat, from Intelligent Assistance, new ways to archive from Digital Bedrock, and a new image stabilizer from CrumblePop. I have articles on all of them.

Plus, I have news on archiving FCP X libraries using Time Machine and an extremely useful utility in Adobe Audition that fixes audio that was recorded too loudly.

Last week, the Digital Production Buzz dedicated the show to plug-ins. We heard from Red Giant, NewBlueFX, and ToolFarm; as well as favorite audio plug-ins from Michael Kammes. This is a fun show to listen to - and remember, as always, if you are in a hurry, you can skim the written show transcript, courtesy of

My webinar this week is one of my favorites: " Ask Larry Anything!"  Bring your hardest questions and, together, we'll see if we can find the answers. (But, um, if it is REALLY hard, email me your question first, so I have time to do some research...!) As always, registration is free - but we only have 200 seats, so sign up today.

If you haven't joined us for a webinar, give it a try this week. I'd love to see you there. In the meantime, edit well.

Last Week On The Buzz!

Last week, The Buzz checked plugins:

   * Aharon Rabinowitz
   * Travis White
   * Michele Terpstra
   * Michael Kammes
   * Jonathan Handel
   * James DeRuvo

Aharon shared new plug-ins from Red Giant, Travis had new plug-ins & Titler Pro 5 from NewBlueFX, Michele listed her favorite plug-ins while Michael did the same - and there was no overlap! Jonathan updated us on Hollywood labor strife and James had the latest industry news from DoddleNEWS.
Listen or read each full episode here.

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Compare: Apple Compressor with Adobe Media Encoder
Both Adobe Media Encoder (AME) and Apple Compressor recently underwent upgrades. In this week's webinar, we compare the two software to see what's new. This ended up being an advanced session on compression.

* Features they have in common
* New features in Compressor
*  - Creating HTTP Live Stream files
*  - Using Job Chaining
*  - Create a compression network
* New features in AME
*  - Stitch multiple files into one
*  - Create ingest presets for Premiere
*  - Create a Watch Folder
* ... and much more!

Download your copy here.   
Ask Larry Anything!
In this free-form and free-for-all session, bring your best questions and let's work together to answer them.

There's no agenda, which means if you don't have any questions, this will be REALLY short.

To give Larry time to plan, email him with your questions so he can research the answer.

Registration - as always - is FREE!

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» Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X to version 10.3.1 (News)
» A quick news report on what's new in the latest FCP X update. 

» Can We Back-up Final Cut Pro X Libraries Using Time Machine (Tutorial)
» Final Cut libraries include media & databases, can Time Machine handle it?

» First Look: Intelligent Assistance FinderCat (Product Review)

» Hands-on review to embed keywords back into media files. Very cool.

» Digital Bedrock Launches Secure Offline Archiving (News & Interview)
» Secure archiving designed for producers and media announced this week.

» Apple Compressor: Job Chaining Speeds Compression (Video Tutorial)
» Share the output of one compression task with a second. Much faster!    

» Adobe Media Encoder: Stitch Multiple Files Into One (Video Tutorial)

» Combine media files during compression. This is a BIG new feature!

» Adobe Audition: Fix Clipped Audio (i.e. bad Skype recordings) (Tutorial)
      » I use this repair almost every week; you need to know how it works, too. 
»  DoddleREVIEWS: CrumblePop's BetterStabilizer ( DoddleNEWS)
» A new image stabilizer, reviewed by Kevin McAuliffe. 
» EQ: Warm a Voice, Improve Clarity

» Premiere Pro CC: Use Two Monitors

» Premiere Pro CC: Boost & Smooth Audio

» NEW! Apple Releases Final Cut Pro X 10.3.

» View tutorials here

» FCP X: Workflow & Editing (v. 10.3)

» 208: Get Started with Final Cut Pro X 10.3

» 207: New Features in Final Cut Pro X 10.3

» 203: How to Make Up-res Video Look Better

» View all webinars here

» Paul Kobelja: Replace Backgrounds, Without Green Screen

» Nick Mattingly: Stream Live Video from iPhone

» Nicolia Wiles: New Drones from GDU

* Michele Terpstra: Fun, but obscure, plug-ins

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