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Larry's Book Club Talk is Back!

The highly anticipated return of Larry's book club talk is scheduled for this August! The event will kick off with Larry presenting the latest books he believes will stimulate great discussion, covering a variety of genres in fiction and nonfiction. After the presentation, he will lead a group discussion around our shelves, where you can browse, pick out titles that interest you, and ask questions. You'll also receive a 20% discount when you place an order for three or more books for your club within a week of the event (using any form of payment). For all the information and to purchase tickets, CLICK HERE! 

Join us as we celebrate the new book, UNICORN DAY , and have an amazing Unicorn Day at our store! We will be celebrating with prizes, reading, crafts, and more! Saturday, July 13th at 11:00am! Click here for all the information!  

Come Celebrate Harry's Birthday With Us!

It's time to celebrate The Boy Who Lived! We'll be wishing Mr. Potter (we said that in our best Snape voice, just so you know) a wonderful birthday on Saturday, July 27th! Make sure you join us for all the fun!  

Fresh Ink
Award winners Alexander and Sweet work together for the first time to teach us all how to read a book and to remind us of the important fact that there is no wrong way. 
Review by Bookie Larry Yoder
" A new historical fiction centered on the years'-old rumor that the Queen may have been sired by one other than the man who became King. Let me repeat the word rumor for this type of alternative position. In the novel Royal Secret, it appears that as a younger woman, the Queen Mum may have had a justified rumble in the hay."  
Dylan Meconis        
This hard-back graphic novel is a lovely work of art and a tale of what is best termed as hybrid historical fiction. With a banished queen, a mysterious girl, and a sinister island, this middle grade book has it all and is as gorgeous as it is readable.  

New York Times Bestseller. Entertainment Weekly's #1 Book of 2018. One of the funniest, darkest, and strangest novels of 2018 is now in paperback and ready to be enjoyed as your big beach read of this summer!  
Bookie Anne has found one of her favorite picture books of 2019 and it's all about answering the age old question: What is normal? And then the second most important question: Who cares? Normal is subjective, and no one gets to tell you what is or isn't normal for you.   
Book #1 of the GRACE AND FURY series is now out in paperback, just in time for Book #2, QUEEN OF RUIN, to hit shelves next month. This epic fantasy romance is full of action, intrigue, and more. Perfect for the YA reader looking for a new series to get started on this summer.  

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, we'll be having a flash sale on our space section! Join us July 6th and 7th for this 25% off event! 

The Game Board
Are you ready to slide all up into our GMs? (GMs is short for games....you get it).

Slide Quest. Ages 7 & Up, 1-4 players.

You have to save the world, and quickly! Work together to guide this brave, rolling knight through this turbulent adventure lined with twists and traps!

Saturday, July 13 - Unicorn Day at The Bookies
Saturday, July 27 - Harry Potter Birthday Party 
Thursday, August 29 - Larry's Book Club Discussion