My Latest Newsletter - for January - is Released!

Whew! It's still January, barely. And my latest Final Cut Studio newsletter is complete and ready for you.

51 pages of Final Cut musings, news, and some killer articles!  Plus, plenty of comments and ideas from our Webinars, Forum and Facebook sites.

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Here is SOME of what you'll find in this month's issue:
* Hidden Multiclip Secrests
* Musing On Why Hard Disk Speed Isn't Everything
* Product Review: AccuSys ExaSAN A08S-OS
* Compressing Video For YouTube
* Make Your Videos Look Great in QuickTime
* How To Remove Unwanted Plug-Ins From Final Cut Pro
* Cool New Compressor Droplet Technique!
* Using a Send and a Bus To Create Reverb in Soundtrack Pro

Including Passing Thoughts and lots of Reader Mail! 51 pages of great ideas!

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I'm always excited about every issue, because each one has interesting contributions from all of us.  I look forward to your comments and suggestions.


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