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October 25, 2017 Vol. 12 Issue #22
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After They Overcall #2
This is a new series of quizzes by Larry on bidding after the opponent overcalls!
There will be a series of 7 quizzes. Good luck!
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13 or 20?
LUXURY Regional At Sea!
Crystal Cruises - Transatlantic Crossing
Portugal - Florida!
Nov 10-21, 2018
From $3835! Dbl Occ.

Alice Travel (888) 816-2457
LUXURY Regent Cruise
with Robert Todd & Andy Avery!
Feb. 19 - March 1, 2017 
RT Miami

Alice Travel (888) 232-6941
Cruises/Retreats - NEW ONES ADDED!

Larry Cohen Signature Bridge Retreat - Hurry!!
5-Diamond Resort
May 20-25, 2018

Dawn Ligon (805) 455-7008
All cruises and/or retreats must be booked through agent listed in
order to participate in any of these bridge programs.
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Dear Larry!
Rebidding A Long Strong Minor
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