2018 - Zone 8 Region Of The Year

December 21 th Edition
Las Vegas Region PCA Newsletter
Letter from The President
Now that 2019 is coming to an end, we can look back with satisfaction on everything the Las Vegas Region has accomplished this year. We were awarded the Zone 8 Region of the Year Award for 2018. We also received the third place for the PCA National Region of the Year at Parade. It was the first time in our history that the Las Vegas Region ever won either of these prestigious awards.

We celebrated the 45 th Anniversary with a party where close to 110 people attended. Tivoli Square opened its pedestrian area in front of the restaurants and shops for Porsche only parking. It turned out to be a 45 th Anniversary car show. 

Our members enjoyed a variety of drives and tours. We had multiple drives to Overton, sight-seeing through the Valley of Fire and had “Beat the Heat” and “Beat the Snow” drives. We held our first Mystery Weekend Tour. Despite a hint to bring cowboy boots, nobody guessed the destination was a dude ranch in Wickenburg, Arizona. We held our first off-road trail drive over unpaved road composed of sand, gravel and riverbed. We held a four-day Multi-Zone and Multi-Region event in Flagstaff, Arizona. PCA Members joined us from three Zones (7, 8 and 9) and from ten Regions. 

We enjoyed a wide variety of social events. The After-Holiday Party was held atop the M Resort and was a glamorous affair overlooking the glittering lights of the Las Vegas Strip. We tailgated before the Aviator’s baseball game and then enjoyed the game. We painted pictures of our Porsches at Pinot’s Palette and picnicked on the grass and viewed the musical Chicago.

The Club’s members were extremely generous in monetary donations and new toys for the Toys for Tots Program. Throughout the year, we collected donations at 21 of the events. The Club donated $5,650 and more than 150 new toys.

We were extremely fortunate to participate in the creation of the Vegas AutoFest. We held the first Zone 8 Concours in years. Sixty-one Porsches were shown at the Concours with approximately 40 additional Porsches places around the site. Overall, there were more than 400 vehicles of all makes and models on display where thousands of car enthusiasts came to view them.

The Club held eight High Performance Driver’s Education days at Spring Mountain Motorsports Resort. We educated drivers about car control and safety; provided memorable track experiences; and, we all had fun.

Membership skyrocketed in 2019! We welcomed closed to 130 new members. This represents an unprecedented membership growth of 20%. 

The 45 th year-long celebration was an outstanding success due to the concerted efforts of many people. Heartfelt thanks are extended to the Las Vegas Region’s members and volunteers; the Gaudin Porsche team; everyone at Trophy Performance; and, my incredible husband, Scott Hatcher. 

The charter members of the Las Vegas Region would bean with pride over the Club’s achievements this year. Their passion for Porsches and desire to share it with other like-minded individuals is alive, strong and growing. 
Have a wonderful holiday season. 2020 is going to be even a better year for the Las Vegas Region!

Tamela Kahle - President
Kelso Drive
On December 8 th  a group of Club members met at the large Chevon station in Jean, Nevada. We headed south on small roads to Kelso.

After visiting the railroad station and museum in Kelso, we headed to Shoshone, California where a few members purchased holiday gifts.

The drive was debriefed over lunch in Pahrump.
Volunteers Needed!
Volunteers are critical to the success of our Club. We encourage our membership (you) to volunteer. This can be done by assisting during an event or by participating in a committee with planning and running events. You can invest a little time or as much as your interest and schedule allow.

By helping, not only do you get to know your fellow members and develop new friendships, your enjoyment in PCA is multiplied many times over.

We encourage anyone interested to contact Tamela Kahle at  President@lvs.pca.org , or a current board member to get more information.

We think you will be surprised at how much fun you can have!
Porsche in Pop Culture
You may remember back to a few issues ago I had talked about Porsche designing a new ship for the upcoming Star Wars film.

Well with the release date of the film just around the corner, Lucas Films and Porsche have released what exactly this new ship looks like.

Dubbed the Tri-Wing S-91X Pegasus, the ship takes on a few noticeable design ques off current Porsche models. Most notably the grill that appears to be off the back of a 911 and the quad daytime running lights seen in the engines of the ship.

The newest, and last, episode in the Star Wars series was released on Friday and made a big splash in the Christmas box-office list.
HPDE Shirts Now on Sale!
HPDE Las Vegas shirts are now available! These long-sleeved, cotton shirts are perfect for the track or everyday wear. Order yours today for $20.00, plus shipping and handling. 
Las Vegas Region PCA Elections
The election results are in! The Las Vegas Region Executive Board will consist of the following individuals:

Tamela Kahle - President
Ried Smith - Vice President
Gwen Pearce - Secretary
Michael Dugan - Treasurer
Scott Hatcher - Director (3 years)
Todd Trimble - Director (2 years)
Scott Mann - Director (1 year)

Congratulations to the 2020 Executive Board!

After Holiday Party
Please join us for the Las Vegas Region of the Porsche Club of America's After Holiday Party on Sunday, January 19, 2020 at Lawry's The Prime Rib.

Lawry's The Prime Rib restaurant is located at 4043 Howard Hughes Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cocktails will begin at 5:00 p.m. with dinner to follow.
Membership Drive
We are having a membership drive. If you have any friends, family, co-workers or neighbors that have a Porsche, encourage them to join PCA.

Remember, if you sign up a new member you get your Brunch free at the next monthly Brunch. If you have any questions, contact our Membership Chair, Steve Budar.
Newsletter Editor, Brandon Moss, signing up new member, Steve Artz
Vincent Mestas
2005 Cayenne S - Silver

Jean Tichenor & Carolyn Russell
2016 Turbo S - White

Geoffrey Franks
2014 911 Carrera S – Guards Red
Rogelio Simon
2012 911 Carrera S – White
Leon DeSimone
2018 911 Carrera – Metallic Blue
Fabian Mera
2012 Panamera Turbo S - White

Clay Kennedy
2014 Cayman S- Bassalt Black

Stefanie Coffee
2017 911 Carrera

Safak Guven
2003 911 Carrera Cab - Black

Kaye & William Cryer
2019 718 Cayman GT - Silver

We look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

Welcome to the Region!

Milestone Members
Member Anniversaries:
20 Years
Kent and Karen Brittain
15 Years
Al Preble
10 Years
Gary Angell
Tina Columbo

Thank you for being part of our Las Vegas Region!
Do you know someone who plans on owning a Porsche? You should tell them about PCA Test Drive. For a nominal fee, they will get 6 months of PANORAMA and other great benefits. They can also join us in all our wonderful activities and drives!
Have them contact our LVR Membership Chair Steve Budar at sbudar@gmail.com or stop in and visit with our local Gaudin Porsche dealer. They will tell you all about it!
(Don’t forget if you bring in a new member, your next monthly Brunch is on us.)

To all Las Vegas Region Members
The Newsletter mailing list has been updated.
There were numerous member and co-member names missing from the mail list. These have been added using the PCA National membership list as the guideline.
If you receive the current Newsletter and do NOT want further issues, please e-mail me.
If you want to change your email address, please send me an email with both the current and the preferred address
My mail address is tkahle@kahlelawnv.com . I will make the changes to the Newsletter mail list upon receipt.
Thank you for your help with this.
Tamela Khale
Note from the Editor
I want to hear from the members on how we can improve the Las Vegas Region PCA's Newsletter.

Want me to add in a new section to the newsletter, I am all ears.
Would you be interested in leading a tour? Doing so is a great way to explore the by-ways around Las Vegas. A newbie? Not to worry, we have several veterans who would be happy to offer tips, advise or assistance. If interested contact our Tour and Drives Chair, Scott Hatcher, at  Scott@Hatchernv.com
Saturday Mornings: 7:00am - 10:00am: Cars and Coffee at Shelby American
Saturday Mornings: 7:00am - 10:00am: The Car Show at 9500 S Eastern Ave
Executive Board
President . . . . .Tamela Kahle 
Vice President . . . . . Ried Smith
Treasurer . . . . . Michael Dugan
Secretary . . . . . Gwen Pearce
Director - 1 year . . . . . Scott Mann
Director - 2 years . . . . . Todd Trimble 
Director - 3 years . . . . . Scott Hatcher
Past President . . . . . Scott Hatcher

Board of Directors
Membership Chairperson . . . . Steve Budar
Newsletter Editor . . . . Brandon Moss
Social Media. . . . Robert Scholes
Track Events Chairperson . . . . Todd Trimble
Chief Driving Instructor . . . . Scott Mann
Rally Master and Drive Events Chairperson . . . . Scott Hatcher
    Social Director . . . . Todd Trimble
Tech Chair . . . . Douglas Pierce
Concours Chair . . . . Scott Hatcher
Member at Large . . . . Michael Myers
Member at Large . . . . Gwen Pearce
Member at Large . . . . Bob Schultz

As always we are looking for volunteers to assist with our
events as well as to suggest, plan, and carry out an event.  

Future Monthly Brunches Schedule
Sunday, January 5 th
Sunday, February 2 nd
Name Tags are Available
To order your Las Vegas Region, Porsche Club name tag, please print clearly the name you want on each tag. Enclose a check or money order for $10.00 made out to Abbott Trophy with your return address printed clearly. Mail to:
Abbott Trophy
953 Sahara A32
Las Vegas 89104
Att: Mike Mayer
Mike will send your name tag back to you within 10 days to the address you indicate.

As an alternate, Trophies of Las Vegas has a metallic-material badge available, featuring an attractive brushed metal surface, with your choice of lettering.These cost $10.00 as well. The Club Emblem in cloisonne may be affixed, forming a very attractive name badge. The cloisonne emblems are generally available at each Members' Breakfast or at a Board meeting for $5.00. Contact: 
Trophies of Las Vegas
4295 S. Arville St.
Las Vegas

Porsche-related Embroidery available
Creative Embroidery: Will Embroider the Las Vegas Region logo on shirts, jackets, tees, or other fabrics.
Creative Embroidery
7225 Bermuda Rd. Suite G
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(in the northwest quadrant of the intersection of Bermuda Rd. and Warm Springs.)

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