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April, 2018 Newsletter
Laser Hair Removal is the No. 1 Laser Treatment in the U.S.& Safe  For All Skin Colors 
Being hairy has yet to become a hot fashion trend and if it does, there's going to be a lot of hair transplants needed. 
Will 2019 be the year body hair makes a comeback?
Laser hair reduction is the #1 most-performed laser treatment in the U.S. and one of the top 3 most-requested non-surgical cosmetic procedures. 

No one likes to sha ve. Shaving takes time, money & effort, as this excerpt from "The Obscenity of Hairy Legs" aptly describes: " Shaving takes approximately 10 minutes of back aching labor at th e bottom of my b
athtub. It takes money to buy razors and shaving cream that guarantees a scarcity of red  bumps otherwise almost guaranteed. It takes upkeep, it takes attention, it takes all the things I do not want to give it."

Wesley Snipes
A gratuitous pic illustrating Wesley Snipe's skin color

Contrary to urban myths, even people with the darkest skin colo r ("Snipes-dark" as one of our patients described it), can have laser hair reduction treatments, if the right type of laser & parameters are used. 

Skinspirations' Cutera XEO 1064 Nd: YAG laser can be used safely on black skin, and  our Cutera 770 Prowave and Novalis IPL are 2 devices that reduce even fine dark hair on lighter skin types. 

When it comes to using pigment-sensitive lasers on dark skin, experience is just as important as the choice of device. We've not only been performing hair reduction on all skin types since 2005, Dr. Elliott has trained physicians in the Caribbean to safely treat even "Snipes-dark" skin.

Get Bare of Hair With Our April Hair Reduction Special - Save 30% off the individual treatment price when you purchase a laser hair reduction treatment package, or 20% off of the price of a single laser hair reduction treatment.

Shaving legs funny
Is Preventative Botox Worth It?
Can treating wrinkles before they become etched save you money on the total you spend if you wait?
injecting forehead
Summarized with extensive literary license from SkinInc.com

Prevention is something many of us associate with health. But, what about preventing wrinkles?

Cosmetic physicians say they've seen an increase in preventative  Botox injections in millennial patients who are seeking non-invasive anti-aging treatments.

Though it may seem counteri­ntuitive, Botox started in a patient's 20s may actually require fewer treatments over time than if treatment was started later in life, according to Dr. David Goldberg, a cosmetic dermatologist in New York.  "Botox works best as a preventative treatment," said Goldberg. "If started in the 20s, much less medication is required, treatments are required less often and the Botox can prevent those ingrained lines that never go away."

Dr. Elliott comments: "I think there's no reason to start Botox or Dysport treatments for wrinkles until a person is just beginning to see slight lines in areas of facial muscle movement,  when the face is relaxed. With the wide variation of facial muscle tone due to genetics, and differences in habitual facial expressions like squinting or frowning, some people may not to see resting facial lines until their late 30's.

Using Botox or Dysport for enhancement, such as for lifting the brows or the tip of the nose, or to evert the center of the upper lip, can be done at any age."
Our patient above, showing effect of Botox to lift brows & smooth forehead

2 Good 2 Be True? Two Treatments That Increase Skin Elasticity & Thickness With No Down Time
Until a few years ago, I believed that it took aggressive treatments that involved bruising, discomfort & lot of social downtime to produce impressive results. 

I was wrong.

We started doing microneedling in 2014, with patients doing a series of 3 initial treatments, and they loved the results!   

Since then, several studies have shown that a series of either microneedling or IPL Photofacial treatments can dramatically increase collagen and elastic fibers in skin.

A new study published in Jan., 2018 showed significantly increased elastic fibers and collagen fibers in the skin after only 3 IPL treatments. 

With both of these treatments, most people can return to social activities and/or work the next day, and results continue to improve over the following months, with smaller pores, better skin texture & more elasticity. 

And you won't miss a beat while it's happening.

Microneedling of the neck at Skinspirations
Microneedling of the neck at Skinspirations

Save 15% on a series of IPL Photofacials if you start by April 30, 2018

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Introducing Intellishade TruPhysical spf45
Revision Skin Care Symposium

It's no secret that Revision's Intellishade has earned super star status. It's mentioned in every beauty magazine's "Best of" awards & its praises are sung by top beauty experts, physicians & aestheticians. 

In addition to Intellishade's Original & Matte formulas, Revision Skincare has introduced Intellishade TruPhysical to the lineup. 

A 100% mineral sunscreen containing all the anti-aging benefits of its siblings, it's a universally flattering tinted moisturizer that corrects,  protects, conceals, brightens & hydrates skin in one simple step.

Gale & I had the pleasure of attending a Revision's skincare symposium where Tatiana Kononov, chief scientific officer at Revision Skincare & the woman behind cult classics like Intellishade & Nectifirm, spoke to us about the line.

"We took the very difficult path to get to the right destination. My team and I spent 10 years developing this advanced formula to deliver the first ever comprehensive anti-aging moisturizer to contain 100% all-mineral SPF with absolutely no hidden chemical sunscreens," "We believe in providing skincare professionals products that don't take shortcuts to deliver clinically-proven results." *

Revision TruPhysical
Due to its lack of any chemical sunscreens this would be perfect to use after treatments like micro needling, chemical peels & laser treatments. It would also make a great daily use product for those who find that they are sensitive to or break out from chemical sunscreens.

We were absolutely blown away by Tatiana & Revision Skincare, a privately-owned company that makes their products in the U.S.. She didn't bash any other product or skincare line, she simply focused on what makes Revision's products so effective. It was so fun & informative to just talk about the science behind good quality products that do good & help you look good.

Your trust in us as your skincare providers is never taken lightly & we pour our hearts into researching & testing products to be sure that we are always bringing you the best.  (" You have no idea how true this is, & I am so thankful"- Dr. E) 

Stay tuned for some exciting things we have in store for you & look forward to seeing more from Revision Skincare.

This month, buy a Revision Nectifirm Advanced & get 50% off a full-size Intellishade SPF 45 Original or Matte.
*from Beautypackaging.com
When Fat is Better Than Fillers
Excerpts From "Rethinking Facial Rejuvenation With Fat" on The Aesthetic Channel, by Lisette Hilton
Steven R. Cohen, M.D.'s fat grafting and stem cell  procedure,  called Injectable Tissue Replacement (ITR), won the award for the best scientific presentation at the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery's 2017 annual meeting.

Dr. Cohen says, "The issue for u sing fillers for areas of facial volume loss is that although fillers look good, they have little to no effect on tissue decay or cell health" (unlike fat with stem cells).

Researchers in Italy recently reported that when facelift patientd were treated with fat and the stem cells already in it, there was histologic evidence of reversal aging in elastin and collagen fibers in the months after fat grafting.

When Dr. Cohen followed patients who had facelifts and fat grafting from baseline up to 24 months later, they found patients had an average gain of about 60% of facial volume by one to two months afterwards, a drop to about 30% at seven months, and then a gradual increase back up to about 70% by 24 months afterwards."

Dr. Elliott adds: Stem cells can increase the production of fat and bone to restore the actual tissues lost with aging, vs simply increasing collagen like most dermal fillers. Note that with fat grafting there is a decrease in volumizing results after the first few months that is temporary, during which time a temporary dermal filler could be used.
  Click here to request a consult or call us at 727.571.1923.

Nanofat Grafting Softens Scars & Lessens Wrinkles

Nanofat grafting  softens scars, reduces skin discoloration and makes wrinkles less prominent, according to a new Swiss study by Semra Uyulmaz, MD, et al, published in Aesthetic Surgery (April 2018).

The researchers treated 52 patients with liquified fat obtained from liposuction, and reassessed the patients after about 5-6 months. Marked improvements were seen in scar quality as well as a decrease in the depth and appearance of wrinkles.

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