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Great news- Miss Tara is here and is ready to start dancing!  We'll be compiling all of the pre-registration forms this week and working on the schedule next week so please submit your form ASAP.  Remember, our schedule will be based on YOUR requests- so tell what style you want and what days and times work best for you NOW, before we finalize the schedule.  We will be offering classes for all ages in the following styles: 


Contemporary  ~  Jazz  ~  Hip Hop  ~  Creative Movement 

Ballet  ~  Bop & Hop  ~  Mommy & Me  ~  Acrobatics




Classes will begin mid August and run through May, concluding with a recital that will include costumes and choreographed routines.  


Our final class schedule will be based on demand and preferred class day/times that works best for the majority of our pre-registered students. Please tells us the best days and times that work for you when you pre-register.  Some of our dance classes will coincide with our fitness classes so you can workout at the same time as your child takes class!  


We will post the final dance schedule in late July, at which time we will open full enrollment into each class.  We will also host a dance school open house later this summer so you can meet our instructors in person prior to starting class.  The school will be led by renowned choreographer and owner and director of Motion the Dance Studio in Dartmouth Massachusetts, Tara Winterhalter, who is relocating to Franklin this summer (see bio below.)





TUITION (monthly fee):

Pre-registration fee
$30.00 / family
1/2 hour class per week
$30.00 / month
1 class per week$55.00 / month
2 classes per week$85.00 / month
3 classes per week$100.00 / month
4 classes per week$120.00 / month
5 classes per week$140.00 / month




Increase flexibility, strength, and stamina. Instruction is designed to awaken individual talents and freedom of self-expression. Students will gain musicality and a strong sense of performance as they learn to attach themselves to their music to tell a story through movement.



This multi-level form of dance technique, therapeutic in value has evolved from Classical ballet with a focus on musical theater, lyrical dance, African and modern dance. Students will learn up beat, fun combinations to current and classical jazz music.



In addition to being fun, students improve flexibility, coordination and strength. Acrobatics enhances the development of gross motor skills and as students begin to excel at mastering tricks, self confidence is achieved.  Students will learn tricks such as: forward/backward rolls, hand stands, cartwheels, front/back bends, hand stand forward rolls, etc.


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Children begin to learn the exercises necessary for mastering the placement of the body, the legs, the arms, and the head. They work in class on the development of skills and the coordination of steps. The classes become increasingly complex as students advance through systematic development. As their training progresses emphasis is placed on developing strength, stability, and grace.  Students will learn how to carry themselves with confidence and grace as they begin to learn their body alignment and healthy ways to increase flexibility and posture.


Creative Movement

Designed for our youngest students, these classes offer development in coordination, musical awareness, and listening skills while helping students implement their natural creativity in a stress free environment.  Students will sit in a circle as they follow the direction of the teacher and music.  Props such as: shakers, bells, bubbles and scarves are used in class to increase involvement of the student, and their relation to the music. 


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These classes teach the fundamentals of hip hop movement. They are upbeat and high energy classes.  Stretching, isolations, rhythms, musicality, upper body strength and footwork will be incorporated into choreography for class and combinations using current popular music.  Types of hip hop that will be taught include: popping, locking, dance hall, break dancing, vouging, waacking and more.

Bop & Hop

A combination of Hip Hop and Acrobats for your younger on the rise dancers.  Students will receive half of each class, while increasing stamina, strength and flexibility. Young dancers can expect to learn forward/backward rolls, hand stands, cartwheels, back bends, break dancing freezes and hip hop combinations to current music.

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Tiny Combination classes & Mini Hip Hop
For children ages 5-6. An excellent foundation in dance education. These programs begin to prepare the young student for the physical requirements of the trained dancer. Mini combination classes will combine jazz and ballet together to keep the class involved.  The primary focus is to educate the young dancers as much as possible each week and move on to the next class before they feel overwhelmed with technique.  Classes will be broken up with fun songs and activities to create a positive learning environment.  Mini hip hop dancers can expect to learn current dance styles to their favorite songs on the radio. 



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About Our Instructor: Tara Winterhalter


Tara Winterhalter, owner and director of Motion the Dance Studio, in Dartmouth Massachusetts and BarreAmped Instructor, has received numerous acknowledgements for her excellence in dance.


Through her training, she has received full scholarships for the Pulse Dance Convention and was hand picked by Wade Robson, as well as Summer intensive invite and Pulse certifications which features classes taught by masters in the field of dance including Mia Michaels and Brian Friedman. Tara's students have received over 500 first place trophies, and many overall high score winners.


Tara has been recognized for excellence in choreography at numerous competitions including: Starpower, Starsystems and the American Dance Awards. Tara's students have gone on to dance for commercials, music videos, cruise ships, and in featured in films and national print ads. 


Growing up in Fall River, MA, Tara began dancing at the young age of 4.  In her sophomore year, Tara started a school dance team and continued teaching there until the opening of her studio in September 2008. After high school Tara attended Johnson & Wales University where she achieved an Associates Degree in Fashion Merchandising & Design.


The environment that Tara has created at Motion the Dance Studio has a strong sense of community and mutual support. {r}elev� one fitness and dance studios is honored to welcome Tara and her family to Franklin so that she may share her passion with our community! 

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