BGCS Newsletter Vol. II #9, May 14, 2019
"All Things Bluegrass Country Soul:
Past, Present & Future"
Many thanks to everyone who has helped our crowdfunding campaign by placing an advance sale order for the Golden Anniversary, Legacy Edition of Bluegrass Country Soul. We are especially heartened by the response to our special offer after we extended our deadline to May 15.

Just as "time and tide wait for no man" this special offer must end tomorrow , May 15. So, order now if you would like to have your name, or an honoree's, in the movie's final credits, and to receive the discounted crowdfunding price. Starting on Thursday, the advance sale price for the box-set will be $124.95.

Read on to learn more about what we're up to next, and some bluegrass we've been enjoying.
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Sam Bush's Revival! is Great

Click on the link above to watch the preview of Revival!
Last night we watched Revival: The Sam Bush Story and enjoyed it immensely. Sam has come a long way from the 19-year-old who sang "One Tin Soldier" in Bluegrass Country Soul. And did you know that the person who inspired Sam to take music seriously was a younger boy he saw perform on the Flatt and Scruggs TV show, named Ricky Skaggs?
The Stories Continue...
J.D. Crowe onstage in BGCS
Alan Munde onstage in BGCS
Next week we will travel to Nashville to video interview more musicians who appear in Bluegrass Country Soul .The material from these interviews will be used in the "Making of" documentary, second commentary track, and book that are all part of the Golden Anniversary, Legacy Edition box-set . We'll share clips with you all after our return.

In recent weeks we've held phone interviews with Alan Munde and J.D. Crowe. Many thanks to them for the fascinating stories and insight they add to that legendary festival!
Camp Springs is Back!
Poster for the 2019 Labor Day Festival at Blue Grass Park in Camp Springs, NC
We send all best wishes to Cody and Donna Johnson for a successful Labor Day Bluegrass Festival! They are the current owners of Blue Grass Park and have worked long and hard to re-open the grounds to music festivals. If you click on the poster, you will be taken to the Camp Springs website where you can learn more.

Cody grew up down the road from Blue Grass Park. His dad, Bill, appears in Bluegrass Country Soul , riding his horse to the pond for a drink.
Bluegrass 45 Errata
Saburo Watanabe, banjo, and Toshio Watanabe, bass, performing in Bluegrass Country Soul
We would like to apologize for the error in our article about Moonshiner magazine in our last newsletter. We mistakenly identified Toshio Watanabe, bass player for the Bluegrass 45, who runs B.O.M Services Ltd (the company that produces Moonshiner) as "Josh." Tsuyoshi Otsuka, Bluegrass 45's guitar player, used the nickname "Josh."
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