We had to go for a deep cut with this week's header, but it's appropriate: back in 2009, you could totally take two of the old Fisher-Price motors, stick them in AM Planetary gearboxes, and use the more powerful CIM motors for mechanisms where they actually mattered.  (With the slick floor and slick wheels, any more power than that would just make for more wheel spin!)  We bring this up since we're talking about the AM Planetary this week as well as a few other things.

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AM Planetary Gearbox
Last Call for AM Planetary

The AM Planetary is one of the original products AndyMark sold when the doors opened in 2004.  (Okay, we didn't even have doors at that point unless garage doors count.) Back when robots were limited to two or even four CIM motors, being able to drop in the old Fisher-Price motor or our 9015 motor was a significant boost to a lot of drivetrain designs.  These days, there are more ways to achieve a high-powered drive system.  Therefore, we've decided the time is right to retire the AM Planetary.

We've got a few dozen AM Planetary gearboxes left, and we've marked them down to $75 to clear them out.  We also have a smaller supply of Double Doozy AM Planetary gearboxes, which accept two 9015 motors to create a very compact 300-watt solution. Those are $50 off while they last.
Gorgon Flex
Save $20 More on Gorgon Robot Controllers

The Gorgon Flex is an Arduino-compatible Ethernet robot controller that we've offered for a few years now. It sports oodles of I/O for robots, from dedicated encoder ports to PWM outputs for motor controllers. We've noticed schools and other robot builders buying more than one, so more groups can go hands-on or so they can raise their own robot army.

To encourage that, we've added a new special to the Gorgon product page: order two or more on the same order, and they're down to $160! If your robot doesn't need the power (or legality for the FIRST Robotics Competition) of a roboRIO, this is a tremendous value.
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