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WGC September 2017 Member Newsletter
Dear Oldways Whole Grains Council members,

Each year the Whole Grains Research Foundation, based in Coimbatore, India, selects several researchers, advocates, and projects to receive awards for helping to further whole grain education and consumption in Asia. This year, in recognition of the global impact of the Oldways Whole Grains Council, Cynthia Harriman, Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies here at Oldways, accepted the award of Fellow of the Whole Grains Research Foundation. We are proud of Cynthia's contributions and of the work that our WGC members in Asia continue to put forth in celebrating the taste and health benefits of whole grains! 
Don't Miss Your Chance to Donate to Our Good Grains for a Good Cause Campaign!

There are just three days left to sign up and donate cases of whole grain food to our popular Good Grains for a Good Cause campaign. This Whole Grains Month giveaway is all about getting great, whole grain products to those in need. Throughout September, consumers have been nominating their favorite food-related charities for a chance to win more than 60 cases of whole grain product donated by you, our members, and we'd love to add your tasty products to the mix!

To support this cause, email Caroline Sluyter ( caroline@oldwayspt.org) and sign up. We'll add your name to our Whole Grains Month webpage and you'll be included in our announcements when we select the winning charity. All donations must be products registered and approved to use the Whole Grain Stamp, minimum donation one case (no maximum!). Next week, we'll provide you the address of the winning charity and you can send your case(s) directly to the winner then.

Remember to use #WholeGrainsMonth and #showustheStamp on social media to spread the word and amplify the message. Many thanks to all the companies who have already signed up to contribute over 60 cases of product to our giveaway, and thanks to our many members who have been celebrating #WholeGrainsMonth online all month long! 

Thank you to the following Good Grains for a Good Cause donors: Back to Nature, Barbara's Bakery, Bob's Red Mill, Catallia Mexican Foods, Dr. Kracker, Freekehlicious, Grainful, Hathor d o Brasil ( GranĂ³), Hodgson Mill,  InHarvest, Kellogg's, Lotus Foods, Lundberg Family Farms, Mary's Gone Crackers, Mockmill, Ozery Bakery, Pamela's Products, and Popsalot

New Infographics: Groundbreaking Study Links Whole Grains with Lower Colorectal Cancer Risk
The American Institute of Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund released a new report that found that eating 3 servings of whole grain foods per day (~90g) can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by 17%. To help spread the word about this groundbreaking research, we partnered with the AICR to create a new infographic (available on our website here). 

We know many of you use our infographic resources on your websites and on social media so we wanted to make sure you saw this one about whole grains and affordability, as well. Not only are whole grains delicious, healthy and environmentally sustainable, they've become increasingly easy on the wallet, too!
Caroline's Tip: Use the Stamp That's Right for You

When we review your products, our official approval email always tells you the best Stamp they qualify to use. But occasionally we're asked, "Can we use a lesser Stamp?" While we always recommend using the strongest Stamp you're qualified to use in order to maximize the marketing potential of the graphic, we understand that for the sake of consistency across a product line or for other marketing reasons our members sometimes prefer a Stamp of lesser value (e.g. using the Basic Stamp rather than the 50%+ or 100% Stamp). 

We will admit we're always a little surprised when companies make the choice to downplay their whole grain content this way -- and consumers can be surprised too, occasionally writing with questions like, "Why didn't this qualify for the 100% Stamp?" In the end, it's your decision; we do allow members to use a Stamp of lesser value when desired. Note that we never allow members to use a Stamp of greater value or higher gram amount than they qualify to use! 

 If you have questions about a particular product's qualifications or approval, reach out to Caroline directly. 

Support Teens' Love of Whole Grains

You can help the next generation develop a taste for whole grains. This month on our blog we spotlighted the innovative curriculum in Iowa teacher Katie Brouwer's high school baking class, which included developing whole grain recipes meeting new school nutrition guidelines, and entering them in a school-wide taste test. For the 2017-2018 school year, Ms. Brouwer will be teaching her students about whole grains by having them mill their own flour, use a sourdough starter, and shape and bake their own artisan bread. To accomplish this, she is seeking donations of wheat berries (for grinding into flour) and/or financial support. 

If you're interested in supporting her classroom, please contact Ms. Brouwer directly at kbrouwer@roland-story.k12.ia.us.
Caroline Sluyter
Stamp Program Manager

Kelly Toups, MLA, RD, LDN
Program Director

Cynthia Harriman
Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies

... and from all of the Oldways and Whole Grains Council staff
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