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Mary's Mountain Cookies will be on our property with her food truck selling delicious cookies, brownies, and more. We love these cookies and know that you will too!

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Mary's Mountain Cookies will be here:

Saturday September 2nd, from 11am to 2pm


Saturday October 7th, from 11am to 2pm

Last chance for Bloomin' Bucks!

Thursday, August 31st is the final day of our summer Bloomin' Bucks sale! Don't miss out on this last week to redeem before the Fall! Come by our store today and redeem yours.

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Around the Garden Center

Spruce up your garden with statement shrubs, annual color, and fun perennials. We are getting new items in each week, so be sure and come get your favorites today! Check out some of our inventory.


Perennial Sedums offer an abundance of fun gardening options. With a vast range of shapes, colors, and growth habits, they are a gardening staple. These garden favorites are heat and drought tolerant once established. Come find your favorite or start your collection today!


Annual geraniums boast spectacular color that lasts until cold nights begin. They make a gorgeous addition to any flower bed, porch, and more!


Hydrangeas are still in stock! These shrubs are a long time favorite of many due to their spectacular blooms. We have a variety of sizes and colors available, so get yours today!

New Arrivals

A great selection of seed garlic in our garden shop! Never grown your own garlic? Click here for a garden guide on how to add this to your fall garden!

Seeds are here! We just got in a huge shipment, and they look great. Come check out our selection of seeds before they sell out.

More Gardening Essenials!

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels are a sustainable way to collect water for your garden. These super useful garden accessories just arrived, so be sure to get yours today!


We carry a wide selection of indoor and outdoor pottery. From the smallest house plant to the largest deck planter, we have the pots to fit your needs!

Hardgoods Highlight

Daddy Pete’s Lawn & Garden Soil is a high-quality mixture of Daddy Pete’s Composted Cow Manure, premium aged pine bark fines, dolomitic lime, and sand.

This organic soil can be used to patch or fill bare spots in your lawn or garden, or to build a good foundation for your gardening project. This high-quality Lawn and Garden Soil mixture is suitable for seeding new lawns, for rejuvenating established lawns, for top dressing lawns, for flower and vegetable gardens, for backfilling plant holes, and for general landscape applications.

A Word from Wilma

Fall is tiptoeing in!

With recent temperatures approaching 90 degrees it is hard to miss subtle seasonal changes. One noticeable change is shorter days. My favorite time to be in the garden is in the evening but darkness is beginning to arrive too soon. A special thanks goes out to our staff both at the Farm and Garden Center for “hanging in there” while unloading trucks, making displays, watering plants, assisting customers, transplanting seedlings, loading trucks (Farm), and in other ways during this hot weather.

Barn swallows build nests in our Farm shed each summer and entertain us as they swoop through the air catching insects. They recently left to begin their long journey to their winter home in South America. Other birds are beginning to migrate now and depend on seeds, berries, and insects for energy. Stay-at-home birds need these, too!

Doug Tallamy in his books, Bringing Nature Home and Nature’s Best Hope has practical ways we can turn our home gardens into wildlife habitats. Even a small area can provide benefits. Late summer is a good time to plan and plant your pollinator/wildlife garden. Our pollinator garden at RCN is a great place to get ideas, watch the wildlife, and just relax!

Pictures: Our Pollinator Garden and Kira and Denise in the pollinator garden.

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