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Summer is Here
Hello Patriots!

Hang on folks, Summer 2022 is here! 

Unbelievable gas prices and exploding grocery prices, serious shortage of baby formula, devastating school shooting, skyrocketing crime rates: these are just a few of the harsh realities that Americans are dealing with this summer. 

If these are not enough to keep you on edge and feeling insecure, you can expect efforts to further gen up your anxiety with manufactured “crises” like Monkeypox or murder hornets or who knows what! Take a deep breath and try to maintain a rational perspective: a perspective that acknowledges that we are being played and have been for quite some time. Only once you acknowledge a problem can you begin to overcome it.

The first defense against the relentless efforts to create chaos and insecurity is to TURN OFF your access to mainstream media whether TV, computer sites, or print media. The second step is to explore and research alternative media. Find sources that you can trust and then “Trust but verify” to the best of your ability. I believe that if you really spend time doing your research you will develop a greater ability to discern pure, deliberate misinformation from questionable info and from probably accurate info. 

You will develop an ability to recognize key words that are intended to deceive or obfuscate, making it easier for you to dismiss manipulative information quickly and move on. You can end up saving a lot of time and mental distress.

That is not to say that we won’t continue to experience harsh realities; but you will be better prepared to face them head-on and filter out the efforts to ramp-up your anxiety. 

Furthermore, you will be better able to decipher the tactics being used to destroy America and will join those Patriots who are ready to take our country back!
Remember to vote on June 7th

by Linda Sauer
Local Globalism: How Cities are Being Used to Create Digital Slaves to the Coming Beast System
The Rutherford Institute, a Charlottesville, Virginia-based civil liberties organization, has sent a letter to the City of Houston, Texas, requesting it revoke a recently adopted ordinance that forces private businesses to spy on Americans and make the surveillance footage available to police.

Cities are engaging in these types of devious maneuvers all across America, Canada, Europe, and the rest of the formerly free world. They are, unknowingly, taking baby steps toward building a globalized police state that will fit seamlessly into the beast system being developed by the World Economic Forum and its network of politicians, entertainers, false religious leaders, nonprofits and corporate cronies.


First, have you seen the new documentary, 2000 Mules? If you haven't, drop what you're doing, click the link and watch it now. It's that important.

Second, for those of you who've seen it, you know it's a compelling expose of the ballot trafficking that took place in the 2020 election. The film shows indisputably that it can happen anywhere. Recently, the Republican Party in Missoula stepped in and helped to cover up Missoula County irregularities found by the Election Integrity Project. Helena, we have a problem.

Third, we have a legislature that has no interest in pursuing fraud in Montana because our great state is above reproach. We, the Last Chance Patriots need to call BS.

The Plan:

With an important election fast approaching in November we need to put a DVD of 2000 Mules in the hands of every legislator, critical candidate, and top government official in the State. Once we know they've been delivered we need volunteers who will call the office of each person on the list and ask first, did you receive the DVD and second, have you watched it?

Once that is done we need to challenge every single one of them when we meet them on the campaign trail, in town halls, or on the radio call-in shows. We need to HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE!

The Why: The why is very simple ... we have a fraud in the White House, our Senator Tester is a fraud and election fraud is real. And the movie 2000 Mules is the nail in the coffin of the naysayers. Click HERE to read the impact the film is having even on Democratic voters.

The Challenge:

We need to raise $4000 to pull this off. We need 200 of them. The list price is $25 but we have negotiated a substantial discount with D'Dinish D'Souza's producer. He likes Last Chance Patriots. We also want to mail them so we get a receipt, which is not cheap. We have volunteers to put the mailing together.

To Contribute:

If you find this is something you can support, be it $1 or $1,000 you can contribute by mailing a check to Last Chance Patriots PO Box 264 Dayton, MT 59914 or we have set up a fundraising page on GiveSendGo (the site that helped the Canadian truckers) and you can contribute online by clicking the Feet to the Fire image above or by clicking here. GIVENOW

We thank you all for your continued support of our efforts to save our state and nation. Remember, right now the battle is local.

by Linda Sauer and Ed Kugler

PS: We have faith in you all, we already have the DVDs in hand.
The Great Hoax and Deception 
of Federal Indian Policy
This article discusses just a few of the major Big Lies and deceptions of federal Indian Policy that are significantly persuasive to national understandings.

Most Americans do not live near and/or have never visited an Indian reservation. Their awareness of Tribal governance is limited to perhaps visiting an Indian casino. With the existence of 576 federally recognized tribes, the financial impact upon American taxpayers is annually massive.

Between tax-exempt tribal casinos draining disposable tax income in host communities, and annual federal tax funding for all basic tribal government services, the annual tax burden on the country is likely commensurate with America’s Defense budget. Below is a small sample of how and why the hoax against Americans continues:

  • The Indian Industry: I coin this term to include federal, state and tribal governments, along with non-governmental entities such as the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), Native American Rights Fund (NARF) et al. These entities have formed national megaphones across the country to literally hijack and repurpose words having traditional meanings, rendering them to be words exclusive to Indian issues.

  • Indigenous: Oxford Dictionary definition states “Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.” Every person born within the boundary of the United States is Indigenous to the United States. The term “Indigenous” is not exclusive to or limited to race, culture, or governance.

  • Time immemorial: Radical tribal leaders use this phrase to render the existence of the United States as secondary or irrelevant to the presence of Indians since “time immemorial.” For the United States, “time immemorial” begins with the signing of the U.S. Constitution and the formation of the bounded areas of United States soil.

  • Sovereignty: Oxford Dictionary defines sovereignty as 'supreme power and authority.' The U.S. Constitution identifies the sovereignty of the federal government, state governments, and individual citizen. There is no reference to tribal sovereignty or authority whatsoever in the Constitution. Question: How 'sovereign' is a government (tribal) that only exists because another government (federal) allows such? Tribal sovereignty is a delegation or extension of the federal government. There is no freestanding or unencumbered tribal sovereignty over U.S. lands.

  • We Were Here First: As noted, any previous governance of lands under the U.S. Constitution is rescinded and replaced by America’s Constitution.

  • Treaties: Congress ceased executing treaties with Indians in 1871. Most earlier Indian treaties executed in the mid-1850s included payment for land and a 20-year timeline for completion of such treaty. The concept of 20-year treaties was the assumption of Congress that Indians needed two generations to assimilate. The period of 1871 through 1924 was called the 'Assimilation Period,' which ended in 1924 when the Snyder Act declared all American Indians to be citizens of the United States. It is important to note that the U.S. Government does not execute 'treaties' with its American citizens. The Indian Industry has spread a major gaslighting hoax upon Americans by insisting that treaties have any land, jurisdictional, or governance authority today.

  • Indian Country: Indian reservations are not countries. The soils within the boundaries of the United States are one single country. The term, Indian Country, derives from the lands of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 and the settling of the West. Wherever roaming hostile Indians were encountered was temporarily designated Indian country, a military term denoting transitory locations of hostile Indians and not fixed areas. All Indian reservations are co-located within counties, and subdivisions of their respective States, inclusive of shared State jurisdiction. 

The guiding federal principles that form the framework for the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 are:

  1. Federal War Powers
  2. Federal Commandeering of State lands and jurisdiction.

Both of these principles are unconstitutional acts against the respective States.

On a hopeful note, both federal War Powers and Anti-Commandeering are issues currently up for judicial scrutiny at the U.S. Supreme Court. If the High Court finds that these are in fact, unconstitutional acts against States, the Indian Reorganization Act will be ruled unconstitutional. Taking down Federal Indian Policy would provide all Americans, tribal and non-tribal the 14th Amendment and Equal Protection of the Law.

While most folks that live within Indian reservations get along very well as neighbors and community members, the existence of tribal governments remains a divisive and obstructive obstacle for all of us to be full and equal citizens of our respective States.

by Elaine D. Willman, MPA
Promises Made
A Letter from a Reader
Editors Note: The letter below was sent to Attorney General Knudsen in early May by a Last Chance Patriot. We had hoped to include his response but as of today (6/2), nothing has been received. Don't let a lack of response discourage you from sending letters, both supportive and critical, to people who serve the citizens. 

May 7, 2022

To Attorney General Austin Knudsen
RE: Promises Made

Dear Attorney General Knudsen,

First of all, I want to thank you on behalf of Montana for all you are doing to fight the policies and regulations that President Biden and his administration have put into place over the last 18 months. These policies and regulations are killing our country and I know you have been busy trying to put a stop to many of them so Thank You very much! Keep up the hard work in fighting this administration.

Back in 2020, prior to the general election, you made a campaign stop at the Lake County Pachyderm group meeting to discuss your vision for Montana and what you would do to protect the citizens of Montana if you were elected to be Montana’s next Attorney General.

I personally asked you what you would do to help protect Lake County’s rights with the WATER COMPACT that was in the process of going through Congress. At that time, you stated that you did not agree with the Water Compact and that you would go after the Water Compact and fight it as Attorney General for the State of Montana. I emailed you right after you got elected and never received a response– although I know you are a busy man.

I am hoping you are working on this problem behind the scenes since we have not heard about anything that you are doing to protect the rights of the non-tribal citizens of Montana as this goes beyond just Lake County! The tribal population is only 7% of Montana and about 5% of Lake County. The non-tribal population's inalienable rights are being violated and no one will help us.

Article II of the Montana State Constitution clearly states all people have the right to a clean and healthful environment and the right of pursuing life’s basic necessities….. including possessing and protecting property, and seeking their safety, health, and happiness in all lawful ways.

In addition, the Constitution clearly states No person shall be denied equal protection of the laws, and neither the state of any person, firm corporation of the institution shall not discriminate against any person in the exercise of his civil or political rights on account of race, color, sex, culture….! Non-tribal people are being discriminated against in Montana!

In Article IX, the Montana State Constitution clearly states that the use of all water that is now or may hereafter be appropriated for sale, rent, distribution, or other beneficial use, the right of way over the lands for all ditches, drains, flumes, canals and aqueducts necessarily used in connection therewith and the sites for reservoirs necessary for collecting and storing water shall be held to be a public use.

The water compact is in direct violation of the Montana Constitution in regards to the water rights of the Montana citizens as much of our water is being given to the tribe to control – who decides who gets to have water and who does not. The farmers and ranchers are in serious danger of losing their livelihood and with the food shortages going on now – we can’t afford more problems!

In addition, bullet 3 of this article clearly states that all surface, underground, flood, and atmospheric waters within the boundaries of the state are the property of the state for the use of its people and are subject to appropriation for beneficial uses as provided by law. Based on the water compact the only people that count are the tribes! How is the US able to take control of Montana’s water?

Bullet 4 states that all of the resources are for the use and enjoyment of the people – nowhere does it state “use and enjoyment of the tribes”!

In the United States Constitution, Amendment XIV in section 1 states that No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States, nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

So please explain, how is taking away the ability to visit our beautiful mountains, ride the trails and use the local water resources without paying the exorbitant tribal fees fair? In addition, we have to make a choice to continuously raise our property taxes so that our children can have a safe place to go to school or so we can drive on roads without huge potholes in order to live in our county.

The tribe contributes nothing since the lands that they own are in trust with the United States government and they do not pay taxes but they sure do get their share of the tax revenues from the Federal Government and Montana! The people in Lake County are fed up and we do not have a voice to hear us or help us.

This Water Compact is not fair to all citizens of Lake County or Montana. Many tribal members' rights are being violated as well since they are also farmers and ranchers who are losing their water. Everyone born in the United States is indigenous people so why are the tribes treated so special?

Historically, the tribal population was granted US citizenship which gives them the rights that we all share. The government did this to assimilate the tribal population into our country which was the greatest country on earth.

The assimilation is no longer working as the US government has turned the tribes into a socialist state depending on the US government and taxpayers for everything while the taxpayers are losing their God Given rights and their rights as US citizens.

One last comment – the Water Compact did not go through the Congressional legal process for approval. The compact was embedded in a huge COVID bill that no one probably read so was passed without any question – how is this legal for Senator Daines to do this to his own people?

I thought you were one of the politicians that keeps the promises they make! I hope you do keep that promise!

A Concerned Montana Citizen
Keep Your Eyes on Davos
May 24, 2022: The World Economic Forum (WEF) holds its annual (except when COVID interrupts) meeting in Davos this week. The issues up for discussion follow the trend of the past several years, with some ramping up of talk about how important it will be for countries to relinquish their independence and sovereignty to the globalist cabal.

These self-important, hypocritical elitists will spout BS about climate change while arriving in their private jets (John Kerry, et al), they will moan about how the World Health Organization needs to be given authority to impose its whimsical approach to “pandemics” on all nations (continuing the COVID debacle and moving on to Monkeypox), and they’ll whine about Russia, Russia, Russia (a familiar chant in the U.S.).

If you think the US government isn’t solidly on-board with the WEF, just look at the list of attendees Twenty-five from the U.S., more than any other country! They are not there to defend our country from the globalists, they are there to get their share of the goodies (pretty sure there will be a “sustainable” goodie bag for each attendee) this week and into the future.

I heard that the Bumbler-in-Chief wanted to go to get his piece of the pie, but Obama reminded Joe’s handlers that one can “never underestimate Joe’s ability to f&^% things up”, so he was sent to South Korea and Japan instead (guess they thought he could do less damage there).

Totally contrary to his predecessor, Biden and his handlers want the U.S. to be well and truly under the thumb of the globalist cabal. President Trump was on a path to a “reset” that was diametrically opposed to the “reset” being promoted in Davos this week. President Trump could have restored the United States both internally and on the world stage. Instead, the world faces a destructive, Marxist movement toward the obliteration of freedom as we know it. 

June 1, 2022: What Happened in Davos?

As expected the self-satisfied leaders of the WEF continued to promote their view of the world, one in which people will be tracked constantly, urged to divest themselves of private property, corralled into mega-urban areas, will use cryptocurrency, and be controlled by having access to their own funds denied or granted depending upon their “social credit” score. 

Many of the things discussed in Davos are contradictory to our Constitution and yet, as noted above, the U.S. had the largest delegation of any country at the meeting. It will be interesting to watch (and we must watch closely!) how members of the delegation report to their legislative bodies exactly what they said in Davos in defense of our constitutional rights.

Meanwhile, in Geneva, the World Health Organization held its annual meeting. This is the meeting to which the Biden Administration submitted thirteen recommended amendments to various articles in the International Health Regulations that are administered by the WHO. To the dismay of those of us who value our liberties as guaranteed to us by our Constitution, the recommendations submitted by President Biden could prove to be grossly detrimental to our sovereignty. 

This has been vigorously denied by many of the Administration’s mouthpieces, like the Washington Post, Politifact and others. However, there are a number of others who beg to differ with the denials. Nevertheless, WHO withdrew twelve of the thirteen amendments, the reasons for which have not been explained publicly as yet by WHO leadership. So we may have dodged a bullet, although only temporarily. 

The amendments will be revisited over the course of the next year and are likely to be resubmitted at the next annual meeting.

by Linda Sauer
Madness Under the Big Sky

People tend to play the, 'but that will never happen here' game. That kind of thinking will one day prove deadly. Here is a look at a few signs coming close to home:

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