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Hello Patriots!

Two months of 2022 are behind us now – what is around the corner? I have stopped saying the words, “Did you ever imagine?” or “Things can’t get any worse,” because it seems that the universe is taking those phrases as a challenge! I am just going to keep marching forward, one day at a time, dealing with events as they come. 

As I did last month, I feel the need to once again call upon our readers to get involved in your communities. If you have the stomach for it, run for office – school board, county/city commissioner, library board, even the Fair Board. Our best efforts can pay off greatly at the local level. Maybe you could consider being an election judge or a poll watcher during this year’s elections. 

Election integrity is critical to our democratic republic and one of the easiest ways to assure integrity is to observe the process at all levels. Bad things can happen when no one is watching! One of the most important things that you can do this year is to VOTE. Be an informed voter, study the candidates, know the issues and mark your ballot accordingly.

Another thing I would ask of all Last Chance Patriots: talk to young people; help them to understand why today’s world is in chaos and how that might affect their future; tell them why it is important for them to be involved in helping to restore order. We all want our descendants to enjoy the blessings of being an American that we have enjoyed but it could be easily squandered if we fail to unite. 

May God continue to bless America and lead us through these troubled times.

by Linda Sauer
EDITORS NOTE: We know that our newsletter is sometimes over the top with information. We know, as we are, you are all on information overload. That said, we live in times where all of us need to be informed of what is really taking place in our state and country. Our philosophy is 'we cannot fix what we don't acknowledge and we cannot acknowledge it if we are unaware'. So if the information is too much simply browse the newsletter, pick and choose what interests you then pass it on. Please share widely to get the word out.

"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day,
that my child may have peace."
Thomas Paine 

Everything you see going on in the world right now is pushing toward implementation of global digital ID and global digital money system: The Fourth Reich is rising ...
Let's not forget the big picture amid all the noise of the "news" this week about war and trucker convoys and staggering inflation.

Let's stay focused on the broader issue of what's going on and calmly prepare for the logical progression of where this is all leading. I say this because it's beginning to look like God is allowing end-times scenarios prophesied in the Bible to come to pass.

"The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks."
Samuel Adams

Seattle Duo Accused of Illegally Transporting People
Over Border Into Montana
Last Friday, two Seattle, Washington, residents appeared in court for the suspected illegal transport of six people over the border from Canada into Montana near Eureka. According to court documents, Leslie Rivera and Miguel Medina were pulled over by a border patrol agent in the early morning of Jan. 19 near the Canadian border in Rexford.

They had six other passengers in an SUV with Washington plates. The border patrol agent reported the six occupants told him they were in the country illegally from Mexico. Documents claim the six passengers paid anywhere from $180 to over $7,000 each to be smuggled into the U.S. Rivera drove the vehicle and paid Medina $1,000 to accompany her. Rivera is a legal U.S. resident. Read More Here

"The American Revolution represented the informed
and mature convictions of a great mass of independent, liberty-loving, God-fearing people who knew their rights,
and possessed the courage to dare to maintain them." 
Calvin Coolidge

Watch 'Engen's Missoula'
A Locally Produced Documentary on the Mess in Missoula
Madness Under the Big Sky
People tend to play the 'but that will never happen here' game. That kind of thinking will one day prove deadly. Here is a look at a few signs coming close to home:

Stop Election Fraud
or We're Doomed?
A group of patriots has established the Montana Election Integrity project. They need our help. Their mission is to "Create a statewide grassroots movement around election integrity, as well as identify weaknesses in our voting systems and county processes and fix them!"

Go to the link below and educate yourself about election integrity in Montana and then Volunteer. Sadly, our elected public officials refuse to acknowledge the existence of election fraud in the 2020 election, the epitome of 'hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil'. So, it is up to you. 

If We Don't Fix Election Fraud, Nothing Else Will Matter!

"Liberty means responsibility.
That is why most men dread it." 
George Bernard Shaw

Vaccine News
It Is Time ...
The world is a sad and scary place today. Baby boomers who heard their parents talk about bomb shelters during the Cuban Missile Crisis are having déjà vu moments. The world has been upended by despotic tyrants many times in the past going back hundreds of years. However, I cannot recall a time in history when so many different factors have aligned to create such incredible levels of instability and chaos. This alignment has been designed and executed almost flawlessly.

I believe that the vulnerabilities we live with today are being exploited by bad actors across the globe. In their zeal to implement “the Great Reset” globalists such as Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Prince Charles, and other members of the WEF, along with the UN, are fanning the flames of anxiety, distrust, fear, insecurity, and instability around the world.

A significant contributing factor is today’s technology and civilization’s dependence upon it. That creates a vulnerability to immediate destruction of civilization that has never been seen before: a collapse of systems that support citizens of the world such as communication, economy, healthcare, supply chains, education, transportation, etc.

The ability of governments to “freeze” bank accounts of those citizens whom they find troublesome and to shut off the internet countrywide and to impose social “scoring” methodologies to control people and their movements allow corrupt governments to instantly inflict harm upon its citizens without being anywhere near them physically and certainly without due process. If you think these things cannot and will not happen in the U.S., then you haven’t been paying attention.

I have been inspired and encouraged by the courage and commitment of the Ukrainian people. They stand together defiantly against the enemy, unafraid to pick up arms and fight. If evil comes knocking at our door, will Americans find it in their hearts and souls to stand together, or have we been so manipulated and brainwashed to distrust each other that unity is unreachable? The Ukrainians have an inspiring leader in Zelensky (we can argue about corruption in Ukraine another time).

Americans have a weak, mentally unfit president, a cackling, incompetent vice president, and a majority of self-serving elitists in Congress. What will be the source of our inspiration? If these past 2+ years have shown us anything, it is that we have only ourselves and our faith in God to depend upon, the government cannot be trusted to treat us well or even fairly. The current administration has demonstrated that we are not only on our own, we need to overcome our own government’s efforts to destroy us.

How are they doing this? America is being destroyed from within by a number of different actions: decimating our energy independence; weakening our military; transforming many Americans into fearful sheep afraid of a manmade virus while continuing to deny its origins; coercing Americans into taking a questionable vaccine in order to keep their jobs; shoving DIE (diversity, inclusion, equity), CRT (critical race theory) and politically correct pronouns down our throats; turning our educational system from one of the best in the world to one of the worst, and most importantly, by sowing seeds of distrust, intolerance, and hate among the citizens.

It is TIME: time to pray without ceasing, time to hold our families close, time to love our neighbors, time to stand together for freedom and liberty and a strong United States. We must do these things now so that the time to arm ourselves against an invading enemy never comes.

by Linda Sauer

"The highest glory of the American Revolution was this:
it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles
of civil government with the principles of Christianity."
John Quincy Adams

Refugee Resettlement: Or ...?
The following is a letter that I sent to Senator Daines, Senator Tester, and Governor Gianforte. In the letter, I ask questions of them on behalf of all Montanans regarding the arrival of unvetted Afghan refugees into Montana. Next month we will publish any responses we receive.

Dear *****,
I have seen reports in the media of your statements concerning Afghan refugees expected to arrive in Montana. I have read and agree with your comments that we have an obligation to those Afghans who helped the U.S. military during the conflict in Afghanistan. However, I have not seen any mention from you about the thousands of Afghans who have been granted “humanitarian parole”. 

I recently received a newsletter from Soft Landing Missoula. In it they claimed that in the past few months they have “welcomed almost 90 Afghan refugees…” in collaboration with the International Rescue Committee. When I visit the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center website and run the report for Amerasian and SIV Arrivals by Nationality and State there are zero shown for Montana. 

From this, I must infer all of the “almost 90” Afghans that have been welcomed to Montana have entered the United States under the classification of “humanitarian parole”. There is a great deal of information on the website about how a refugee might obtain “humanitarian parole” and what benefits they would be eligible to receive, but there is no reporting at all made available to the public about how many there are or where they are located. 

Question 1: Why is information available about SIV refugees but none at all about parolees? 

There is a complete absence of information about the vetting process that the Administration claims to be conducting with regard to these refugees. We, the citizens, have little confidence in the level and quality of vetting that might or might not be occurring. Can you provide specific information confirming that the Afghan refugees that have arrived in Montana have been thoroughly vetted? We need more than weak assurances from an Administration that is given to stretching the truth. 

Question 2: Can you tell us how these refugees are identified and vetted and if their locations in the U.S. are tracked over time?

The “open door” policy is allowing entry to thousands of poorly vetted if at all, Afghan refugees. This is a disservice to the SIV Afghans because there really is no publicly visible differentiation between the two classes of refugees. The average American will be less trusting of all Afghans because we don’t know who is now living in our communities. Are they friends or foes? The government, of which you are a part, is deliberately failing to keep its citizens informed. Montanans deserve better.

I look forward to your response to my questions. This letter will be published in the March edition of the monthly newsletter of Last Chance Patriots which has a distribution of 1400 in Montana, and it is passed on to other states as well. I anticipate the opportunity to publish your response in the April edition of the newsletter.

Linda Sauer
Last Chance Patriots

By Linda Sauer
Things That Make You Go 'WTF'
We Lose a Super Patriot
Clarice Ryan passed away on Sunday, February 27th. Clarice was a lovely woman who inspired many of us with her passion for life, conservatism, and patriotism. She will be greatly missed by one and all. Montana's star won't be shining as bright without this great lady.

Crime by Design
It's time to pay attention to the rapid decline in civility. And don't think it's not happening right here under the Big Sky. Murders in Montana doubled from 2020 to 2021. That's right. And in a recent crime report, Montana ranks 11th worst in the nation in per capita felonies and 7th worst in the rate of crime increase. Our newspapers do a great job of covering up these facts. Billings is becoming the wild west. Three police officers, off duty, were involved in a fight recently in a bar. Flathead County's crime increase is mentioned in a recent article. If nothing is done Montana will soon be paradise lost.

Look around our nation. In Cleveland, a teen felon ambushed and murdered a police officer. In New York City at a juvenile prison, the teens rioted and took guards hostage because their lunch was late. Days after being bonded out on murder charges, a Houston criminal killed another man. Staying in Harris County, Houston, a woman stopped by a Deputy ran him over, killing him, and was released on bond.

Is this the America you grew up in? Hardly. Law and order are fast becoming a thing of the past. Make no mistake, it is by design. George Soros has funded big-city DAs who now release criminals wantonly. In Detroit, a man was arrested for holding his girlfriend against her will and setting her on fire. She was burned over 60% of her body. His bond was $5,000! Our streets are running red with blood as we sit by idly.

The end game is rampant crime, a problem. Then, in crisis, national police force the solution. The future isn't bright, it's downright scary. What will you do?

by Ed Kugler

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing."
Edmund Burke

Our President Said What?
Tyranny Today
Trampled By Police Horses in Canada, Eh