Offer Ends 26th March
To support Australian producers New NLIS Enviro tags at $1.99 +GST. No Catch, No minimum order.

This offer was extended but must end midnight 26th March 2021.

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See all of our NLIS Cattle tag offers below. (all prices plus GST)
Leader Envirotag $1.99
The new improved Envirotag has a lifetime guarantee and to kick off 2021 a special price of $1.99+GST.
Act fast as offer expires 31st Jan 21 or when 500k sold by Leader.
Fofia Generic $2.40
Normally $3.00, our Buy 100 get 25 FREE offer means you pay the equivalent of $2.40 each.

Fits most applicators and a familiar quality design.
Allflex No.1 $3.00
The market leader with unrivalled reliability, readability and retention.
Allflex NLIS tags are the No1 choice for almost all large pastoral companies.
Zeetag Z2 $3.00
Designed to be applied with the Z2 No Tear applicator. The Zeetag from Datamars is easy to apply and well known for durability.
Agri-ID SlimTag $2.40
Agri-ID is Datamars brand from the same stable as Zeetag. The slimtag combines European design which Zeetag quality.
Drovers ETAG $2.40
The TurboTag has been replaced by the Drovers OS-ETAG.
This offers exceptional performance when compared to others
Enduro Twin Pin $3.32
With a unique "Double Pin" attachment system and an NLIS device specifically designed for rugged Australian conditions.
It's Australian made applicator is large, durable and easy to use on even the thickest of ears.
mOOvement GPS Tags $43.00
Get Started with 25 GPS tags, know where your animals are and monitor water levels.

Order today and get started in 2 weeks.

Allflex/Neogen TSU's Pre-Paid
Tissue sampling units in matched tray packing and now with Neogen

Genomics testing pre-paid. Save time and money.

Bayer Insecticide Cattle Tags. Buffalo Fly Control
All Bayer Fly tag brands plus applicators, pins and knives.
Everything you need for the fly control.
Ask about our price match guarantee.
Y-Tex Tick, Fly & Lice Control. Tags & Wipes
All Y-Tex tag brands plus applicators, pins and knives.
Everything you need for fly, tick & lice control on cattle & horses.
Special Tags!
Print anything on any size and colour tag.
We can help with artwork and logo's. Tags for B&S, Branding, Special events, Promotions or just for fun. No Min Qty or Limits, let us help 1300 813 500
Get your $1.99 tags before they're all gone.
This is a National offer for Leader Envirotags. Expires Midnight on 26th March 2021.
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Unless stated all prices exclude GST and are based on orders of over 100 tags. 4Tags offer every brand, make and model with a price match guarantee.

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