August 9th, 2018

What's In Today's Email?
1) Fall Scheduling - Last Chance

2) Avoid Tuition Increase

3) Glee Open House

4) New Piano Mastery Program

5) Ukulele Lessons
Fall Schedule - Last Chance

This weekend we are making the Fall schedule. We know you might not know everything, but tell us what you do know. If you are not on this form we assume you don’t care when your lessons are. We need to know when you work, when you get out of school and the like; please don’t make us guess...
Tuition Increase:
How to Avoid
Our rent and operating expenses are increasing so starting with September billing there will be a $5 monthly increase for piano, violin, Karen, and drum and a $10 monthly increase for voice and guitar. 

How to avoid the price increase? If you haven't already, there's still time to sign up for Fall loyalty discount payment plan your lower price will be grandfathered in for the 2018-2019 year. The loyalty sign-up deadline for the lower old price is August 15th.

Glee Open House

Save the Date!

Come join the Open House for the new season.
Saturday, September 8th

**Summer Camp Music Video Premiere
**Shaved Ice
**Featured Alumni Performance
**Meet and Greet with our Teachers
**Teacher Performances

New! Piano Mastery Program

This program focuses on 5 important aspects of piano education: sight reading, music theory, piano technique, effective practice habits, and performance skills. Students will go through
3 stations in 60 minutes for only $49 more than the traditional 30-minute tuition cost.
Want to try it out first?

Spetember Piano Mastery Program is only $25 when you sign up before August 15th. We know it’s new, so try it out for a month. If you decide it’s not for you, let us know by September 15th and we’ll put you back into a traditional 30-minute time slot in October.
Ukulele Lessons

We teach Ukulele lessons now... Dylan has several students that just started. Click on our guitar page to book your first lesson for $25.