Last Chance to Register for Camp Ray-Ray

Registration Closes April 1

27th Annual Camp Ray-Ray

Theme: Angels Wanted, Riding into New Horizons

When: June 9 - 11, 2023

Location: Snow Mt. Ranch, Granby, Colorado

Family Camp for Children (under 23) and their Families Living with HIV

Camp Family Testimonial,

"Thanks so much for a loved filled weekend every year."


Who Qualifies for Camp Ray-Ray?

To qualify to be an Angels Unaware family and to apply for Camp Ray-Ray, there must be a child in the immediate household under the age of 24 and there must be a family member living in the same immediate household that has HIV. Qualified families are asked to email or call the office at 303-456-4050 to be placed on the electronic mailing list and to join our private site on Facebook. The qualified family can then apply for Camp. New families may be asked to show proof of diagnosis prior to attending Camp. It is encouraged that the HIV diagnosis be disclosed to all family members prior to attending Camp, since the topic may be brought up.

History of Camp Ray-Ray

Camp Ray-Ray is a memoriam to Angel Raymond Peña who died from AIDS at the age of four. He LOVED the Rocky Mountains and asked if God had made them just for him! Ray told his mom Barb (Camp Dir.) to “bring other kids like me here too.” It is in Raymond’s honor that Camp Ray-Ray was inspired and named.

How to Apply for Camp Ray-Ray

Click Here to Register for Camp

Camp Registration Deadline

is April 1, 2023!

Angel Raymond Peña 

A child's wish so sincere and pure

With thoughts of joy that would endure

Shared by all or so it seems

We are all part of this child's dream.

Imagine to run and play

Massage and sunshine for the day

To ride a horse and hike and fish

We do so because of his special wish.

For just a moment we leave behind

A disease that we know as not too kind

Wonderful moments, treasures to share

To enjoy the generosity of those that care.

Volunteers work hard to keep alive

The dream and so it survives

Working year long for the joy they share

That we campers have days without care.

Your spirit shines through the window's pane

Yes! We're back at Camp again! Three Cheers!

You're in our thoughts and in our prayers

Your dream and wish has endured through the years.

Thanks for dreaming Little Ray-Ray

by Catherine McCartin who attended camp with her son Ricky in 1996

What Families are Saying About

Camp Ray-Ray

"You really make us feel loved."

"We hate to leave."

"Try to keep us away!"

"Camp feels like a big family"

"We sure were blessed and that support is what helped me cope with everything when I was growing up." "Angels Unaware is an amazing organization with amazing people that are nothing short of a blessing to families like ours."



If you can donate any of the following please call Kathy at 303-456-4050 for pickup or drop-off.

  • 30 totes or recycle bags with a western theme
  • 125 soft toothbrushes and Chapstick
  • 30 tubes of toothpaste, shampoo, hair conditioner, sunscreen, and body lotions. (travel size works too)
  • Nonperishable healthy snacks
  • New puzzles or board games
  • Family prizes for family game nights (gift cards, sporting event tickets, museums or theme park passes, etc.)
  • Arts and crafts with a western theme
  • Fabric paint or pens
  • Sponsor t-shirts - $1,700
  • Sponsor hay ride - $700

Angels Unaware and Camp Ray-Ray

3825 Urban Street

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033