September 2017
      Gift your IRA and Save!

IRA holders have to take their Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) each year, but in case you haven't and you are age 70-1/2 or older, the law is now permanent that you can donate to charity out of that RMD and not have it counted as taxable income.

To donate out of your IRA RMD, please contact your IRA administrator and have them transfer the money directly to a 501c3 charity.  If you take the cash first, it won't be tax deductible.  Also, the cap is $100,000 per IRA account, so you and your spouse can both do it if you have separate IRA accounts.

Please click here to read the IRS rules on "qualified charitable distributions."

If you want to use your RMD to start (or add to an existing) fund here at The Community Foundation, please keep in mind that you cannot deposit your RMD into a donor advised fund.  However, other types of funds are eligible and achieve nearly the same end result - designated, field of interest, and scholarship funds are great alternatives to DAFs!
Contact The Community Foundation at 434-793-0884 with any questions.

Danville Braves Support Veterans Memorial

From Left to Right: Lawrence McFall (Veterans Memorial), Betsy Haugh (Danville Braves), Debra Dodson (The Community Foundation), Blooper, and David Cross (Danville Braves) 
This year, the Danville Braves conducted a bobblehead sale and a mystery autographed baseball sale. Bobbleheads from various teams around the country, some of which were autographed, were sold as well as brown paper bags that contained mystery autographed baseballs from minor and major league players. Over the course of several games in July, fans were able to purchase the mystery bags for $20 each.

The Braves continued to show their support and appreciation for the fine men and women who have served and continue to serve this great country.


Last Chance to Order Pet Center Bricks
Less than 10 engraved bricks remain at the Pittsylvania Pet Center! This will be your last chance to order a brick. Once we have reached 100 bricks this opportunity is closed. All purchases help the pets at the Pittsylvania Pet Center. Order your 4"x8" brick for $100 or 8"x8" brick for $200 to celebrate or memorialize your most important people, pets and dates for years to come.

Each engraved brick will be a visible part of the main entrance and gar den area.
Download the PDF file to open a brick order form. You can save this form on your system and fill it out and print it and mail it to The Community Foundation, 541 Loyal Street, Danville, VA 24541 with your payment. Bricks can also be paid for online with forms mailed in or emailed to

Morgan Epstein joins Leadership Southside 
We are very excited to have our Program Officer, Morgan Epstein, participate in Leadership Southside XXIII. Leadership Southside develops leadership skills by providing information, education, experience, and exchange of ideas.  Sessions have includ ed orientation, leadership skills and development, team building, community issues and opportunities, crisis leadership, board leadership and communication in a nonprofit organization, effecting change, cultural diversity, and effective facilitation. Click here for a full list of Leadership Southside participants 


~ The Halifax County Grant Cycle closes on September 29.  

~ Mark your calendar now for our Appreciation Luncheon on November 9. Contact us for sponsorship opportunities! 

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