Last Chance to Win $5,000
Dear friend of life,

It's not too late to win $5,000!
If you have petitions with signatures on them, get them in the mail ASAP to 
Personhood Ohio 
PO Box 126
Dresden, OH 43821 
For every 25 signatures, you get a chance to win the $5,000 that will be given away by a generous anonymous supporter of Personhood Ohio on December 15. Any petitions that arrive in our mailbox after that date will go toward our next drawing.
You can also win by donating online. Every $25 gets you one chance to win. $250 gets you ten chances! We sure could use your help funding a large mailing we want to send out before the end of the year, to recruit more pro-life Ohioans to gather signatures for the Ohio Personhood Amendment. Donate securely by clicking here.
With God, all things are possible, especially His will, and it is not the will of your Father in heaven that one of these children should perish. Not one. Believe with us. Pray with us. Help us.
For the crown rights of Jesus,
Dr. Patrick Johnston