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Cheers, Friends!

Lots of "Last Chances" and "New Beginnings" ... Keeping you up-to-date so you are in-the-know.    

In this issue: 
  • Last Chance for getting photos to me for the book
  • Last Chance:  Large shirt selection at Art in the Park
  • Last Chance to sign up for my class at Common Ground on the Hill July 2016!
  • Thank you for Great Turn out at Oscar's Ale house for Alzheimer's Disease Fund-raiser
  • NEW!  Rya-Focused Business cards and Rack Cards
  • NEW!  Vintage Swedish Rya Yarns Acquired by Studio
  • NEW type of Rauma yarn--Prydvevgarn--added to Rauma yarn offerings from Byrdcall Studio 
  • Studio Drop-In days - No appointments required
Murray Bloom is 95 years old and has made about 30 ryas. 
So happy to include his photo in my book.


Last Chance for 
Your Photos with Rya for the Book

Alison Teed, Guernsey Channel Islands, U.K.
Yes!  Keep those photos coming.  I have been very happy with the ones received so far.  If you are on the shy side, use this as an opportunity to bust out!   Be creative, and pose any way you like.  I am looking for happy faces with their homemade rya pride-and-joy.
Charlotte Dahlkvist
Malmo , Sweden
It's not too late. 

Angie Michal, Coral gables Florida with canine companions

(Sorry, Charlotte, I couldn't get the  ö in Malmö to type in the caption!)


Last Chance for Shirts
At Art In the Park

This is it!  My farewell as a vendor at Art in the Park, Saturday, June 4th.  I have totally reorganized my shirts for your ease of finding exactly what you want.  Click here to read more about the transition--have no fear!
Here is my typical double-wide booth on a beautiful day with assistance from my good friend, Kara Skeberdis several years ago.

As I become more deeply involved with the rya revival, the shirts will gradually become a thing of the past.  Art in the Park is a fine art/fine craft venue, but not one where supplies are sold to the customers.  I do not envision showing there in the future as "rya lady."

But this Saturday ... come get your shirts!  Click here for more details on Art in the Park


Last Chance to Register for Classes at Common Ground on the Hill
Debbie Roop off to a 
great start on her flower-inspired rya design.
You have probably read about this in the past two issues, but if you missed them or didn't get around to signing up, NOW is the time.  My rya class has enough people to run as planned, but there is still room for a few more students.  I would love to have 10 of you all learning and sharing with one another...what a party!

Class name: 
Reviving the Art of the Rya Rug  from Scandinavia

And while you are at it, why not sign up for other classes that will open you to new arts and thoughts from around the world?   Click here to go to Common Ground web site.


Thanks for all the Support during the Fundraiser 
The Alzheimer's Association

The Boozum Buddies raised over $4,000 at Oscar's   Ale- house in Eldersburg, Maryland on Tuesday, May 17. Great to see so many of you there. 

We will continue the fund drive through the Walk to End Alzheimers at Centennial Park, Ellicott City on September 24. Check out the progress of the Boozum Buddies here. 


NEW Visual ID for 
Byrdcall Studio Rya Works

Replacing my black and white general business card with a more colorful one and a rack card of equal vibrancy.  Either way, I'm still a one-woman operation and working out of the studio in Woodbine.


NEW!  Vintage Rya Yarns 
Arrive at the Studio!
I know.  How can "vintage" be considered NEW?  But when a type of yarn has disappeared for decades then emerges via an estate settlement, well, it is like new again!

Frosta Swedish Rya Yarn
made by Borgs
$8/skein while it lasts
My Glimåkra (Swedish) Yarn Reps in Oregon contacted me the other day to tell me about this mother lode of vintage rya yarn which they had recently acquired.  Knowing that I am "the rya lady" they called to see if I would want it.  After purchasing samples and realizing this high quality of Swedish-style rya yarn is almost unheard of these days, I have bought it to get it into YOUR hands eventually ...and at a great price. I have listed small grouping in my Etsy shop for anyone who want some NOW!  Click here to go to one of three listings for the Frosta yarn

Vintage Asborya Yarn from Sweden
$10/skein and currently discounted in my etsy shop.  Click on photo.
The other yarn I bought ... about 35 lbs. is vintage Asborya, much of it marketed by CUM (rhymes with Room), a Danish company selling the Swedish yarn.  For rya-newbies, this is one of the major hitters of the mid-century modern rya invasion. This yarn has not been sold in decades to my knowledge.  If you are looking for CUM yarns in mostly natural, earthy colors, check with me.  I will figure out a way to list for public view what I have, but all in good time.


NEW Addition to the Rya Shelves:
from Rauma of Norway

That translates as Decorative (Pryd) Weaving (Vev) Yarn (Garn) according to The Yarn Guys who import Rauma yarns to the USA for yarn shops (and me.)

Pryd on the left and Ryegarn on the right

What I love about this yarn is that the fleece is from the very same heritage, hardy Spaelsau sheep of Norway as the durable sheeny ryegarn (rya yarn), but it is spun thinner and you get 4 times more yarn length to the skein meaning a skein will last a long time.  It provides a interesting texture to a rya without sacrificing quality.  Since rya is all about subtle color blending, a thin strand (or two) added to a couple of heavier rya strands is ample for a solid knotted rug.  And if you use only two rya strands and one prydvevgarn strand on a needle, the cost of the yarn drops dramatically.  

It is just one of the many options now available to rya rug makers.  I currently have about 25% of these colors.  Let me know what you are interested in.  If I don't have it, I will order it for you. 
Color choices. 
Eventually I will have them all, starting with the ones you request. 
 $19.00/skein of 300 Meters and 100 grams
The Ryegarn is $16.00/ skein for 75 Meters and 100 grams


Will You Visit Byrdcall Studio?

I can't envision myself having regular business hours other than the hours that I choose to work, spoiled brat that I am. So how do I make life easier for you when you need my help or supplies from Byrdcall Studio?  95% of my assistance is through internet communications.  5% is by scheduled appointment and phone calls.

I'm going to start with one day each month having Drop-In Visitation (no appointment needed) at the studio located behind my home in Woodbine.   
  • You could drop in to check out what rya is
  • You could peruse hundreds of design possibilities
  • You could stop by for an impulse buy of a T-shirt
  • You might need a special hand-printed greeting card
  • You could come for help in getting started on a rya project
  • You could bring a friend just to see what goes on in the studio.
  • You could ask to see my 1/2 Price rya yarn bin
  • You could say, "Hey, Melinda, put me to work making yarn sample cards for an hour."  [Yes!]
I think it will be a fun way to spend the day.  If no one shows up, I'll spend the day cleaning up the studio, doing inventory, or packaging orders.  It means I will not go to the store, or walk the dogs, or take a mid-day shower.  I won't be preparing refreshments--save that for the Dec. 3-4 Studio Tour.  You can let me know you are coming if you like, or not.  

I am going to start with three dates.  I'll remind you with each newsletter, and I'll post it on my Byrdcall Studio Facebook page.   At the end of this experiment I'll decide if Drop-In days fill a need or not.  

Drop In at Byrdcall Studio   Noon - 8 PM on::

Thursday, June 23
Wednesday, July 20 or
Tuesday, August 23

Mark your calendar if this interests you.  Ask a friend to join you.  My  address is 1103 Hoods Mill Road, Woodbine, MD.
Park in the driveway, walk up the gravel drive to the building in the back--Byrdcall Studio. If the gate is closed, come in and close the gate behind you.  I need to keep the friendly dogs in the fenced back yard.  

You don't have to buy anything, you can ask questions, I can give you cost estimates for supplies.  

So if I don't see you at Art in the Park, come visit me at the studio
And Off You Go!
Thanks for sharing this time

That's all, folks!  See you next month!



Melinda Byrd

Byrdcall Studio
Woodbine, MD


Save the Dates!

June 4, 2016
10 AM - 4 PM
Rain or Shine

Byrdcall Studio
 Drop-In days
Noon - 8 PM
Thursday, June 23
Wednesday, July 20
Tuesday, August 23
(No Appointment Required)

December 3 & 4
10 AM- 5 PM

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