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ANAD is Excited to Offer Two New Attendees Tracks at this Year's Conference  
Imagine a being in a place where you, a person in recovery, and your family, friends, and loved ones, can learn about the wide range of treatment options available to those in eating disorder recovery. You would meet others like you, and have a place where you and your family, friends, and loved ones can talk about your eating disorder without shame. And you would be among others who understand you and know what you're going through.

I want to tell you that RECOVERY IS REAL! 

ANAD is taking its mission of support services for those in eating disorder recovery to a whole new level with ANAD 2017  conference. ANAD will to teach and help you and your family, friends, and loved ones with original workshops, sessions, panel talks, and interaction with a wide range of incredible eating disorder professionals. We want you to get the answers and information you need to own your own  recovery.  

Check out highlights from the Recovery Track and Family, Friends, and Loved Ones Track below.

We hope to see you at the conference this year! Come change the way you think about recovery! 

Laura Zinger
Executive Director

Take the Recovery Track!
Telling Your Recovery Story with Sylvia Cartoonist Nicole Hollander

Nicole Hollander ran her nationally syndicated comic strip, Sylvia, for 30 years.  The only thing she had longer was her struggle with depression. Nicole will share her own life long journey with learning to live with her depression, how art and humor were her biggest supports, and teach others in recovery how to tell their own story in order to support their recovery.

A panel of 6-10 individuals in long-term recovery will gladly answer your questions.Questions already submitted include:

-What to do when you feel stuck, like you are moving backwards rather than making progress?

-Is recovery possible without going to treatment?

-If finances are limited, what is the most important service to receive? 

Take the Family, Friends, and Loved Ones Track!

This workshop/panel will be led by parents with loved ones in recovery and will introduce and network parents with children in recovery. ANAD will also launch its ANAD Parents Who Care Network and Parent Mentor program.


Family, friends, and loved ones need support as well when their loved one is in recovery. This workshop teaches family, friends, and loved ones specifically how to take care of themselves and get the support that they need while their loved one is in recovery.

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