July 31st, 2018



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40-Class Pass* for $400 ($10/class!)
*Valid for 1 Year. No refunds, holds or extensions.

Spots Still Open! 2018-2019 Season
Earlybird Registration ends TODAY, July 31st! 

Next Info Session: Saturday, September 14th, 12-1pm
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October 2018 through February 2019
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FAMILY YOGA continues every Sunday, 4-5pm. Join us!
Bring the whole family (Ages 3 and up)! Family Yoga is a fun, joyful and peaceful way to move together mindfully. Family Yoga begins with thoughtfully tuning in, followed by a fun, mindful, playful and meditative practice that includes postures, partner poses and group poses. Class concludes with relaxation and guided imagery.  Families of all ages and abilities welcome! 
Family Yoga classes are offered Sundays 4-5pm. These classes are offered based on interest and availability. Please RSVP online (1 person/family) $20/family

Yoga Nidra ("Yogic sleep") is a guided practice that involves simply listening while lying in savasana for the entire class, inducing complete mental, emotional and physical relaxation. This versatile technique has been used in stress management, physical therapy, to enhance the learning process, to harmonize the deeper unconscious mind, and to ultimately awaken our inner potential. All our welcome, and all can benefit deeply from this practice! It is believed that a single hour of Yoga Nidra is as restful as 4 hours of conventional sleep... see for yourself! 
*This class is will be offered as a Donation Class benefiting a local charity on the following Mondays in August, 7-8pm:  8/20 and 8/27.  Please reserve your spot online .



Please see our website for details.  

Intro to Mysore-Style Ashtanga
Start Any Monday!
1 Week Intro Sessions. Monday-Friday.  Attend 1-3 more Mysore classes the same week.  ($99 Intro Mysore Pass includes Individualized Instruction and One Full Month of Mysore classes).  Pre-registration required.  Please email info@downtownyogashala.com to arrange your start date. 
Curious about the Ashtanga method and what goes on in the early mornings in our Mysore Room? Mysore-style is considered by many to be the most effective and gratifying ways to learn and develop one's personal yoga practice and sustain it over the long term. Join us!

Sat, Aug 18, 2018  - Fri Aug 24, 2018
Register Early (10% Discount Through July 15th)
The ever-graceful and peaceful Atsuro Chiba returns to the Shala for a week of Mysore class and a weekend workshop. Join us!
Sunday, Aug 19th Led Primary : 7-8:45am 
Monday-Friday, Aug 20-24 Mysore sessions : 6-9am
Sunday Workshop, Aug 19th: "Breaking down the backbend"  1-3pm 
Learn how to perform a backbend in an anatomically safe way. Atsuro will offer Detailed explanations to help practitioners understand the body and protect against common misalignment that cause injuries. Technical explanation, demonstrations, asana options and modifications will help take your practice you to the next level. This workshop includes a strong practice and will finish with some relaxing asana at the end. All levels are welcome to attend!
Please Register Early (10% Discount Through July 15th)
Full Workshop: 1 Led Primary + Backbending Workshop + 5 days Mysore classes (7 sessions: $180)
All Led and Mysore Sessions (6 sessions): $160
Drop In Single Led/Mysore Session: $30
Drop In Workshop Only: $40

with Stu Girling
Saturday-Sunday, 9/15-16 1:30-6pm
Register Early (10% Discount Through July 31st)
Stu Girling's weekend workshop is arranged according to the major joints of the body (Ankles, Hips, Shoulders/Wrists and Spine) and associated posture groups (Forward Folds, Hip rotations, Backbends, Shoulders, Twists and Binding). The sessions introduce anatomical concepts in an accessible and fun way and are very practically based with the intention of allowing students to discover those muscles and areas of the body that are restricting them and demonstrating ways that they can work on those areas with more specificity. The idea is that through greater understanding of how different areas of the body influence the finished postures students or teachers can learn release restricted areas, to sequence more efficiently and also reduce the risk of taking stress into vulnerable areas by moving in the right places. The sessions are suitable for all styles of yoga because rather than looking at specific alignment that might relate to one style or the other. Stu takes the route of exploring what might stop you achieving a desired alignment. All levels of student is catered for by providing the information in multiple layers and allowing students to practically explore at their own level. It is recommended to take them all together for a full anatomical journey; however, each one is equally valuable independently should you prefer to focus on a specific area. 

Fri, Oct 19, 2018 - February 24, 2019
A four-month, weekend-intensive program designed to equip students with a strong and sound knowledge and experience base, from which they can practice, teach and live their yoga off the mat and in their lives.   Comprehensive in its depth, breadth and substance, Adarsh and Heleen teach from many decades of dedicated personal practice, from an Ashtanga method that has its roots from a traditional source and lineage, the very foundation of all the "styles" of modern yoga we see today. This is no ordinary Teacher Training... guaranteed!  Please email info@downtownyogashala.com for further inquiries.


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Intro Special - $40-for-20 Days!   

If you or anyone you know has never been to the studio before, enjoy your first 20 days with as much yoga as you want for only $40! Local residents only. Available for purchase at the studio. 

The Gift of Yoga  

Consider the gift of yoga for special occasions. Customize your Gift Card for any occasion in a variety of designs, available for purchase online, for any amount, applicable to Yoga Memberships, Class Passes, Classes, Workshops or Merchandise at our studio.

Best Deal: Unlimited Membership ($129/mo) 

This is the best deal to encourage a consistent yoga practice with our wonderful yoga community. We recommend practicing yoga 3x/week to increase strength and flexibility, jumpstart/maintain a weight program, improve muscle tone, work on balance and core muscles, not to mention the benefits of improved circulation, digestion and sleep through deeper breath awareness and moving with mindfulness.