Volume 37| June 7, 2020
Middle School News
8th Grade Graduation
Congratulations to our 8th Grade Class on their graduation! Following the virtual graduation ceremony, students came to school for an in person parking lot ceremony to pick up their diplomas and have socially distanced photos taken. We loved having the opportunity to see everyone in person!! We are so proud of you, graduates!

More about the 8th grade graduation & Middle School Awards Ceremony will be shared in the all-school newsletter on Tuesday.

And this video shown at the 8th grade graduation will demonstrate
WHY we love these graduates!

Congratulations to the following Middle School Students Who Received Major Awards at the Middle School Awards Ceremony

Josephine Green Memorial Award
Macy O'Donnell

Patti Lagattuta-Borges Award
Maya Nyima

Perseverance Award
Haido Saltouros

President's Award for Educational Excellence
Rachel Ashley
Shiza Frahim
Faelyn McGuire
Alexandra Murphy
Maya Nyima

President's Award for Educational Achievement
Youngnim Choi
Jahnavi Gorla
Xavier Miyazaki
James Nguyen
Haido Saltouros

Cross Country
Ariana Bretones MVP
Levi Jurecka Jacobson MVP
Matthew Ohlinger Coach's Award

Richard Yenkin MVP
Emma Quinlivan Coach's Award

Volleyball (multiple teams)
Eva-Rae Rivera MVP
Emma Quinlivan Coach's Award
Lily Silverman MVP
Madeleine Landon Coach's Award
Haido Saltouros MVP
Jahnavi Gorla MVP

Boy's Basketball
Lucas Trowbridge Coach's Award
Richard Yenkin MVP

Girl's Basketball (multiple teams)
Aliza Ahmed MVP
Faelyn McGuire Coach's Award
Shiza Frahim MVP
Youngnim Choi Coach's Award
Macy O'Donnell MVP
Maya Nyima MVP

 In the Middle School, the standard for Honor Roll is no grade lower than a B- in all graded classes. The standard for making Star Honor Roll is to have no semester grade below an A-. Honor Roll and Star Honor Roll recognition by semester is listed on the Middle and Upper School transcripts.

To allow for some final grades to be computed, and to ensure all students are appropriately recognized, the Honor Roll list will be sent out to Middle School families early next week.

And the HOUSE Winner this year is.....

Our Fifth Graders Sure Have Grown This Year!

Click Here to See Some Beginning of the Year and End of the Year Photos from the Class.
Congratulations to Middle School Students Whose Work is Being Published in the Roycemore Literary Magazine!

We are so proud of the following Middle School Students who had submissions included in the magazine! Be on the lookout for the final published magazine in Tuesday's all-school newsletter:
  • Lucas Trowbridge
  • Faelyn McGuire
  • Isabel Amat
  • Gabe Melson
  • Lucy Birnbaum
  • Julia Hu Steenbergen
  • Pasha Zabadneh
  • Jackie Gorski
  • Raf Umana
  • Macy O'Donnell
  • Rachel Ashley
  • James Harris
  • Sophia Kwok
Deadline TOMORROW to register for camps starting June 15th!!

Check out our great new virtual camps and courses being offered this summer! The first classes begin TOMORROW-- including Creative Writing with Mrs. Milner and Stories on Stage with Mrs. Wilson. We also have a variety of Adobe Courses that range from apparel design, to digital photography to surreal compositing! Minimum sign ups will be needed in order for the camps to move forward so sign up today!
Thank You For Your Partnership For Your Students in
This Most Unusual Year!
´╗┐See You in the Fall!!