Mother and Father's Day Gifts 
that Don't Cause Clutter

Hello Friends, 

In May and June we celebrate all of the amazing parents out there, doing their very best to work, give support and love their families and generally show up every day - despite the occasional urge to curl up and binge watch the newest season of your favorite show.

As we have stated in the past, clutter = stress. And we Americans seem to own a record amount of clutter. So in the name of giving less stuff and more love, we have put together our favorite mothers / father's day gifts that are all about the feels - and less about the stuff. 

We asked our Pro Organizers to tell us their most memorable mother / father's day gifts to inspire you! You can view our favorites here on the blog

Another wonderful gift idea is the gift of organization. That may be a gift certificate for garage organizing with one of our professional organizers, or even just a single hour to help establish a paper organizing system. We provide gift certificates and do not charge until redeemed. I believe that helping a loved one with organization is truly one of the most meaningful gifts out there. Please give us a call if you are interested. 

Happy Organizing!


How to Be More Organized with Task Initiation

Tax time is upon us again! We have an excellent rotating file system that we implement with our clients, and are happy to share with you, too! Check it out. 

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